Meghmati Village Resort, Mymensingh [Travel Guide]

Meghmati Village Resort in Mymensingh's Velukaya to spend some time with busy mechanical life. If you go to this place, you will find the meaning of this name.
Meghmati Village Resort, Mymensingh

 The resort offers a wide variety of resorts. The Meghmati Village Resort has an excellent quality swimming pool with a double-decker villa. There are many floors hanging on the trees here. There are also several modern quality cottages on the water. There is also a huge ground wrapped in greenery, a variety of fruit gardens around the ground.

For the family vacation, the Meghmati has a special package called 'Family Day Out'. Traveling from Dhaka to the resort, morning and afternoon meal, afternoon nights including afternoon and evening, living in the rural environment of 6 people, from 6am to 6pm.

Family Day Out Package

Package price: Tk 20,700

Morning breakfast

  • Porota
  • Fried egg
  • Mixed vegetables
  • The chicken head with daal
  • Cow's milk tea


  • Plain rice
  • Garlic roasted berry
  • Potatoes or raw bananas are baked
  • Jackfruit and dried fish
  • Tilapia or shrimp fishes
  • Thin pulse

  • Plain rice
  • Mixed vegetables
  • Fish Fries / Bhuna
  • Chicken with potato meat
  • Thin pulse
  • Salad

Afternoon breakfast

  • Noodles
  • Potato chop 

Other Benefits:

  • Swimming pool (with life jacket)
  • Cotes (for refresh)
  • Table tennis
  • Playground and sports equipment
  • Fishing with fake / plum
  • Boat trip
  • Swimming in pond (with life jacket)


Booking phone number 01613555953, 01911771155

How to go

Meghmati Village can be reached from Dhaka only in two and a half hours.

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