Dana Park,Naogaon [ Complete Tour Guide]

Dana Park Binodon Kendro has been constructed in about 10 bighas of land in Bhabanipur village of Naogaon Municipality area.

The park is now quite popular with entertainment lovers, in a quiet environment in the village.
Dana Park, Naogaon

The park has two swimming pools, community centers, picnic corners and picnics. Rocking, slippery, ladder and various rides for kids to play.

There is a pond, there you can ride in the boat and bounce around. Among the sculptures are elephants, deer, tigers, kangaroo, horses, giraffes, boks, clumps and waterways. Writing on the wall illustrates the landscape of different landscapes.

There is restaurant for food at Dana Park.

Tickets Price

The entry price for the park is 20 taka, various rides 10 rupees and swimming pool 50 rupees.

How to go

From Naogaon Sadar to Auto and rickshaw, you can easily go to Dana Park.


To stay you have to go to Naogaon town. When you return to Naogaon you will find a very good residential hotel. However, there is a rest house near the VIPs.

To stay in Naogaon, some hotels will be available at Hotel Farial (0741-6,2765) at Santahar Road, Hotel Vacation (0741-622356) at Hotel Santahar, Hotel Raj (0741-62449), Hotel Jamuna (0741-62674) at Shahid Qazi Nurunnabi Market, Hotel Plunging, Release Hotel at Baramati (0741-63351), Hotel Sarani (0741-61685) and Motel Chisti in the old bus stand.

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