Dhormo Sagor Dighi, Comilla [Travel Guide]

Dhormo SagorDighi, Comilla

Dhormo SagorDighi is the largest Dighi in the heart of Comilla city. According to the name of King Dharmapala, this Dighi has been named Dhormo SagorDighi. About 200-250 years ago, about 1750 or 1808 AD, Dharmapala was the praja-patri king. He was the king of the Pala dynasty.

There was then famine in Bengal. The king dug this dighi to help the famine-stricken people. The king's main purpose was to prevent the water from the people of this region. Dhormo Sagor is one of the many dighis in the country by the name of the sea. In the afternoon, when the sun's light began to become impassable, hundreds of visitors were slowly flowing in the footpaths of Dhormo Sagor Par.

 Sitting together every day is the Milan Mela. Comilla's Shishu Park is located in the northern corner of the Dhormo Sagor. This childhood can be enjoyed by watching the scenery of the sea, this shishu Park with greenery and huge trees. If you sit in this school, you can feel like it is good.

The green Banani Dhormo Sagorof Dighipar (Dhormo Sagor Dighi) gave different levels. The row of big trees arranged by thirteen. The bench in the cement barches between him. Apurba in a word.

This is an ideal place for those who want to roam the afternoon. If you wish, you can roam the boat and turn around four sides of the dighi. In all, it is a wonderful and aesthetic sight.

How to go

Comilla's bus from Sayedabad  Tisha (01731217322), Asia Line, BRTC (01770493775) from Kamlapur or Asia Line transport Rent 200 Taka to 270 Taka After that, the rickshaw auto is the Vadurtala / Dhormo Sagor. The rent will be 15 to 20 taka.

Where to stay

There are several hotels and guest houses, including Comilla Club, Comilla City Club, and here. There are all types of AC or non AC arrangements. The cost of each night will be between 1 thousand and 3 thousand taka. Besides, there are hotels Chandrima, Hotel Sonali, Hotel, Shalban, Hotel, Nidrabab, Ashik Rest House etc. Rent between 200 to 600 taka.

  • Ashiq Residental Rest House - Address: 186, Nazrul Avenue, Comilla, Contact: 68781
  • Hotel Abedin - Address: Station Road, Comilla, Contact: 76014
  • Hotel Nurjahan - Address: Dhaka-Chittagong Highway, Comilla, Contact: 68737
  • Hotel Sonali - Address: Kandirpar Chattar, Comilla, Contact: 63188

There is also a bird near the Shalvan Buddhist Vihara. You can also stay there in the BIRD with permission.

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