Nafakhum Waterfall, Bandarban [Travel Guide]

Nafakum Waterfall, Bandarban

The beautiful Nafakhum waterfalls are located in Thanchi upazila of Bandarban district. 79 km from Bandarban Thanchi at the far It is an upazila. Thanchi market located on the banks of the Sangu River On this Sangu river, slowly move upwards towards Remakri to boat the boat.

Nature can not be thought so beautiful and clearer here. High high mountains on either side of the river. Every mountain covered in greenery is lying on the lap of the clouds. Some mountains are so tall that the crown of the cloud is covered with clouds. The remake of the place is located in Thanchi upazila, a Marma batiya in the upazila.

In the Marma language, 'Khum' means waterfall. It is a three-hour walking distance from Remakri to go through this Nafakhum waterfall. The flow of water from the Remakri Canal came to Naafkhum and suddenly came down to 25-30 feet, a beautiful waterfall created in the field of nature!

The rainbow of colors by the sun, where the game ever! Remarky canal water flow is not low in the rainy season. It's almost like the Sangu River in the upstream.

On this route, you have to give me three pins and big stones. There is a BGB camp in Dundee. A beautiful place is a three-dimensional beautiful. Many go to Nafakhum on the way to Thanchi and come to Triad at night.

Nafkhum-e is the biggest waterfall in Bangladesh, perhaps due to the amount of water flow. Draining fog is created all over the shore with water strikes around the shore. The flowing water flows with steam and comes into the body. The thriller is that feeling. It would not be wrong to say the Niagara of Bengal.

It is very difficult to return to Thanchi from Nafkhum Jharna on the day-to-day. So if you want to spend the night in Remakri you can come back and see it well. And those who want to go back in the daytime, they will have to start from Thanchi at 6/7 in the morning. It takes two hours for two hours to walk from the market and it takes about 3 hours to reach Nafakum Jhon in a slow walk.

When will you go

During the rainy season the size of the watefall is larger. And on winter it gets faded. However, in October of October, the real beauty of Nafakhum is seen.

How to go ?

First you have to go to Bandarban town. Many transport companies leave the bus to Bandarban every day from various places in Dhaka. You can go to Bandarban riding on one of the buses such as Shyamoli, Hanif, Unique, S Alam, Dolphin. They leave for Bandarban at Kalabagan, Sayedabad or Fakirapul at 10pm or around 11:30 pm. Tk. 550 per house for non AC bus AC 950 Taka.

Chittagong can go to Bandarban. Pudali and Purbani Paribahan buses from Baddharhat to Bandarban are settled. These buses are priced at Tk 220 per person.

To go to Bandarban is to go to Thanchi by public bus or jeep or chand car. But having jeeps or chanders in the vehicle more than the public bus, there are more opportunities to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the road.

Thanchi market located on the banks of the Sangu River After reaching Thanchi, Kremli Bazar will have to leave from there.

The only resort to the nearest Nafakhum waterfall from Remakri Bazar is the boat of Sangu River. Here are the up-down engine boat available. To rent this boat, tourists have to talk to the Boiler Association located in Thanchi Ghat.

There is no transportation system from Ramakri to Naphakum Jhorna. The rest of the tourists have to walk on foot.


Guidance is mandatory from Thanchi. There is a list of guides in Thanchi BGB Camp. From there you have to take a guide. With the name of all the tourists, the name of the father, the name of the father, the phone number, the name of the middle, etc. should be allowed to go to Nafakhum.

What is the accommodation ?

Thanchi has a state-owned house for tourists to stay. Apart from this, there are some guest houses in Thanchi Bazar, which can be used to spend the night at Tk 150-200. Apart from this, there will be accommodation for the indigenous people at Remakri Bazar, which can accommodate 120-150 taka per night. 

Also camping people who want to camping can camp anywhere around the market, but there is no such good monopoly place for camping. If you are in winter, you can camp in a dry place in the market place.

There are tribal houses for tourists to stay in Tripura. In lieu of fixed fares, the tribals rent these house to tourists. Remakri Bazar also has a clean house.

Estimated cost


Bandarban-Bharatpara (Chander Gari): 3000
Bandarban-Thanchi Public Bus Rent: 190 taka
Bharatpara - Thanchi Public Bus Rentals: Tk 75
Thanchi - Remakri boat rental: 4500
Remarks: 1500 extra night in the boat
Stay and eat

To go for the trio, Remakri. Marmas bamboo-woods will be arranged in the food arranged in the house. Almost every home in Marma has a very low-cost-eating facility. The cost of eating three meals is 200 taka per person.

Thanchi Rect House: 60 taka each
Remakri Rect House: 60 taka per person is free. But if you stay free at home. He will sit down on his invitation.
Thanchi Bazar: Approximate food consumption per 90-100 taka
Remakri Bajar: Approximate food consumption per 90-100 taka


Remakri from Thanchi: 500 taka
Remarkee from Nafkhum: 600 taka

Note: If the reference of the army or the BDR is concerned, it will not be difficult to get the hospitality of the BDR in three and the remake.

And the possible best possible way of getting the hospitality of the BDR can be met. With the security of the peace of mind you get the top.

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