Dighapatiya Rajbari, Uttara GonoVobon, Natore [Travel Guide]

Dighapatiya Rajbari, Uttara Gonovobon, Natore, Credit:TOB

Dighapatiya Rajbari, about three kilometers north of Natore district town, now known as Uttara Ganobhaban. Uttara Ganobhaban was the prime minister's local office and residence in north Bengal. To see the Uttara Ganobhaban, the district administration needs permission.

Rani Bhabani of Natore was pleased with Naib Daram Rai and presented him the Dighapatiya Pargana. Here he builds numerous palaces. There are small and big 12 buildings in the Rajbari, surrounded by lake and wall around 43 acres of land. King Prasannanath's fortune is situated on the south side of Kumar Bhavan and guest house.

There is a king's throne in the main palace building, the attacking armor and the sword. In the palace of the palace there is a garden decorated in Italy. Four-story pyramid-shaped entrance at Uttara Ganobhaban's entrance. And at the top of it is the centennial hour clock of Coca-Cola and Televise Company in Britain.

There are many rare tree species including the Nilmuntala, Haparamali, Parijat, Raj-Ashok, Sauravi, Camphor, Yastimudh, Himmati, Peali, Banapulak, Tarajhara, Sainti, Madhavi, Syacas. In front of the entrance, there will be a huge trench on the right side, which surrounds the entire palace.

A little ahead of the public office, the car garage at that time. There is Golepbagan, the huge ground. Here is the Two story Yellow Building, which is used by Kumar Palace, whose underground was used as a torturer. There is a single storey office. And there are four cannons of that time. There is a huge courtroom. A sculpture of Zamindar Daramam, in the adjoining garden, reminds him.

'Italian Garden' is the most prominent part of Uttara Ganobhaban. The nomenclature of the Garden brought its furniture from Dayra Ram to Italy. Here are five marble statues, fountains and sitting benches. The benches were however brought from Calcutta.

The trademarks written 'Calcutta' on your face will not escape your eyes. The statue of the 'hill girl' was broken by one hand. In 1971 there was looted. The wrists of this hand were binding with gold. At that time the Pakistani army broke the hand and plundered gold!

Schedule: 10 am to 6 pm in Summer, 10 to 5 pm in winter, Uttara Ganobhaban is open to visitors. Tickets for Tk 10. Uttara Ganobhaban is closed on Sunday.

How to go

A four-hour road from Dhaka to Natore. The buses of Shyamoli and National Travels, along with the air-conditioned buses of Greenlines and Hanif Paribahan, travel regularly. Apart from this, you can visit Rajshahi on any bus or train to Natore. It takes six hours.

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Uttara Ganobhaban can be reached in 15 minutes from CNG auto-rickshaw from Natore bus stand or railway station.

Where to stay:

 Feel free to spend night at the nearby Hotel Arpi. You can stay in the Hotel Millatoo. Apart from this, there are more hotels in Hotel Rukhsana (located in Kanaikhali), Hotel Uttara Fakir Hat.

Where to eat

There is a few money to eat very well in the hotel of Islamia Pankhur. Nayon hotel food is not bad for a little distance from railway station. But whatever is to be done, it is not wrong to eat glasses and bring it together. Do not forget the Natore Rajbari, Puthia Rajbari, Sugar Mills and Chalanabali.

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