Chunkhola Moshjid, Bagerhat [Travel Guide]

Chunkhola Moshjid, Bagerhat, Credit: Jessore Today

The Chunkhola Mosque is located in Chunkhola village (about once a lot of limestone extract was available) in the rice field, about one kilometer northwest of the sixty dome mosque, built in the 15th century. Recognized as the representative of the architecture of the mosque from the architectural style of Khan Jahan Ali.

The outer side of the mosque is about 40 feet in length and 25 feet in the interior. The walls are about 7-8 feet wide. The mosque has an entrance on the east and three on the north and south. In it there is a bow-shaped mihrab, in which the middle mihrab is relatively larger.

Each mihrab has a variety of flowers and saplings. The rectangular central mihrab extends beyond the walls in the traditional nights and it is up to the roof. The half-domed huge dome is full of squinches on the inside of the full roof.

The four minarets on the four corners of the mosque are divided according to Khan Jahanini custom and divided by band banded at specific distances. The three curtains of the building, bend under the traditional style of Bengal. The lower part of the mihrabs will give some inside the soil.

In decoration, the work of fishing work, flower and sapling design, associated circles, chimneys, and hanging motifs are available. At present, these decorations can be seen only in the mihrab niches, above the arch and bending. According to local traditions, the mosque was built by a staff of Khan Jahan. There is still regular prayer at the Chunnakhul Mosque.

How to go

From Saidabad in Dhaka every day, from 6am to 10am and from 7pm to 10pm, many vehicles leave - Meghna (0171717388553), Bonfool, tourist (01711131078), Falguni, Ara, Baleshwar, Hamim and Dola.

Apart from this, the villages of Sohag (01718679302), Shakura (01711010450), Hanif and Eagle leave from Gabtali leave. Rent 300 to 400 taka It takes about 7 hours to travel.

Intercontinental train can go to Khulna on Sundarbans Express and then go to Bagerhat by bus. It takes about 40 minutes to go from Rupsa to Bagerhat.

Seven kilometers from the bus stand and sixty-domed mosque square in the west, 3 kilometers away from the mausoleum of Khanjahan Ali (RA). Rickshaw worth Tk 30 On the north-west side of the Shatgumbad Mosque, passing through the Horse Dighi, towards the west, straight towards the west, it will be seen on the left hand Bibi Begoni Mosque. A little more, the inside of the Chinchhola Mosque is seen.

Where to stay

There are several hotels in Bagerhat Sadar. There are also government guesthouses. Stay here at the Momtaj Hotel on Rail Road. Although this hotel has fewer facilities, the quality of service is fair and cost is a bit more.

Apart from this, there are more hotels to stay around this hotel. In addition to Khan Jahan Ali's shrine, he can stay at the Main Highway in the "Hotel Abhi". Rent 400 Taka Phone: 01833742623

In addition to staying in Bagerhat, Hotel Al Amin (0468-63168, 01718692737, AC double room 1 thousand taka, non AC room 1 to 4 hundred taka) adjacent to the central bus station and hotel estates (0468-63075, 01722858313, 1 st There is no AC room for `4 hundred taka).

It is also possible to reach Khagna from Bagerhat for 1 hour due to Khulna.

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