Dublar Chor, Bagerhat [Travel Guide]

Dublar Chor, Sundarban, Bagerhut, Credit: Md Najmul Hassan

Dublar Chor is located on the south side of the Sundarbans of Bangladesh, Kotka in the south-west and southeast of Hiron Point, which is well known for the Purnasanan, Rasmella and Deer of Hinduism in the name of Char. It is an isolated island between the Kunga and the dead animals.

Dublar's park is mainly in the Fisher village. Drying with the fish, the drying work. After the rainy season of Hilsa hunting, there were many fishermen lodged in different fisherfolk for four months, from Cox's Bazar, Chittagong, Bagerhat, Pirojpur, Khulna, Satkhira and settled there.

In the areas of Meherlali canal, light coke, mid-section, office kalla, cocaine barracks, manikkhali, chafrakhali and shalarachar etc. were placed in Fishermans. These four months they are busy preparing fish for drying. The stocks derived from here are stocked and sold in the wholesale market of Asadganj in Chittagong. In the eastern part of the Sundarbans, the fishermen and fishermen enter the field of Dubla in the eastern district of Bagerhat.

The government has received regular revenue from the Dublar Chor. Fisheries get permission to enter the Sundarbans by providing revenue to the forest department in the process of BLC or Boat License Certificate, DFC or Daily Fuel (fuel wood) in the process of the year, and also the amount determined by the amount of dried fish collected during the fishing season.

Every year in the Kartik month (English November), the island is famous for Hindu Rashmela and Purnasnan. Although it has been said, it has been happening for 200 years, but it is known that, in 1923, Haribandh Thakur, a Banawas fan, named Harivajan, started the fair.

Many devotees of Ras Purnima have come here to celebrate the anniversary of the sea. After sunrise in the dublar chor, the devotees flushed the fruit in the sea water. Some of them play musical instruments, singing songs and singing around.

In addition to the local people of Dublar Chor, the remote and far-off townspeople and even foreign tourists also participate spontaneously. The three-day fair is also attended by many foreign tourists.

The Red Book, Fishranga, Madantaka birds are found in the field of Dublar. Animals have deer.

Way to go

From Dhaka, first to go to Mongla port of Bagerhat. From there, you have to hire a trawler or a launcher. It takes 6/7 hours. The launch can also be rented from Launchghat of Khulna City.

Where to Stay

In addition to Tourist Vesel or Boat, there is a provision for the Nilcomal of Hironpoints and the Tiger Point at Kanchikhali and Katako forest department rest houses. The fee for Nilkamal for local tourists is three thousand taka per room, four rooms 12 thousand taka. Kanchikhali per room Tk 3,000, four rooms 10 thousand taka. Cuttack per room is Tk 2,000, two rooms worth four thousand taka.

In the case of foreigners, 5 thousand and 20 thousand taka in Nilkamal, 5 thousand and 15 thousand in kanchikhali and five thousand and 10 thousand in Katka. Besides, there is a facility of having single, family and group in Satkhira City and the rest of the NGO Suhshet's resthouse and dormitory in Munshiganj, Shyamnagar.

There are hotels in the tourist company of Mongla, for the tourists, there are general hotels in the port of Pashur. In the city of Khulna, there is a standard hotel in addition to the Hotel Royal, Castle Salam, Hotel Tiger Garden, Hotel West Inn, Hotel City Inn, Hotel Millini etc. Apart from quality hotels.

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