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Ongona Resort, Gazipur, Credit: Plan My Tour

The Ongona resort has been named after the beautiful natural beauty. This Resort built it on 18 bigha land in 2004. Whose position is in Surajnarayanpur village of Kapasia in Gazipur. Tiredness in the city life seems to come in tiredness. To overcome this tiredness, the private resort has been set up at the Surajarayanpur village of Kapasia near the capital.

The resort is situated in the hills of Bhawal Pargana Lalmati. The whole resort area is surrounded by a strong safety net. For this safety, CCTV cameras have full resorts area.

Naturally arranged garden There are two playgrounds, two gigantic ponds. Meetings, training, workshops, and brain stressing meeting arrangements. There is a whole catering system for children. There is huge water reservoir.

There is also a swimming pool, a badminton quote and a park. The most attractive attraction is that the beautiful deer of the Sundarbans. There are at least 16 deer in the large cages in the large cage. There are also some deer children. Some bamboo gardens have enhanced the beauty of the pond.

There are clay houses, attractive fountains and swimming pools. Which further enhances the attractiveness of the visitors. Here is a Jami Mosque. There are two road names.

One of them is Dina Laila and the other is Emdad Smrani. There are 14 rooms in a bungalow. There are 18 employees to provide full-time service to the visitors. Here Sri Lankans came more. You can visit the time.


Angana Resort's costumes can cost 5 thousand taka for 24 hours each room. For the picnic or different events, the whole carriage cost Tk 70-85 thousand.

Way to go

Gazipur Chaurasta will be in the place of its own transport or passenger base and at Pabur Rasta, Dhaka-Kapasia highway. Later on, the location of Angar, one kilometer south of the Paburrasta village, can be found in the village of Shurjonarayanpur.


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