Hason Raja Museum, Sunamganj [Travel Guide]

Hason Raja Museum, Sunamganj

Hassan Raza's house with the bank of Surma river in Sunamganj town. Hassan Raja was born in this house in 1854. This song has been composed by all outstanding songs.

It seems to reach the house, that is to be understood, the singer, the music. It does not happen anymore. But the memory of Hason Raja rises in the museum named after him. A picture of the lion at the entrance to the museum.

Then the picture of Hason Raja The only photograph of Hassan Raja in the museum Collected from a studio in Calcutta in 1962 Apart from this, there are eight or nine paintings of different artists at different times. But not the picture, the museum has been kept alive by Hassan Raja's memory-related items.

On December 1, 1962, a fair was organized in this house called 'Hasan Fakir Fair'. Since then, people used to see Hasan's house and his utensils. Then in 1974 Bangabandhu donated 25 thousand takas for Hasan Academy. And in the continuation of all this today's museum.

What's in the museum

Table-Chairs: Hassan Raja is said to be composing songs on this chair.

Colorful cloak: Hansen wore a simple dress. People say that he always wore white dhoti like lungi. With a white lip, she used to wear another dhoti like a sheet. But wearing this cloak as a special costume when meeting with any other king or English people.

Water purification vessel: It looks like a small jam, this filter got a smile from one of the naib. This British nominee, named William Little, brought it from Austria in 1902.

Sword: It was the family sword of Hasan Raza. The sword came in his hands as a whole, the sword was in his hands.

Pottery: There is a Rumor, Hassan Raja sprayed it in children with money in this pot. Nawab-eer Maqbool Hossain spoke on behalf of this commentary, who saw Hassan Raja in his childhood. Even Hassan got the scraped money of the king.

In addition to the above items, the museum will see Hasn Raja's tea table, milk utensil, bowl, milk pot, bottled water, wooden sticks used by Hasn Raja, sticks used in last-era, momdani, brass water Glass, copies of self-written songs. There are some musical instruments - drums, caves, temples etc. There are also cashboxes used for Jomidari work.

How to go

First you have to go to Sunamganj district town. Travel from Dhaka to Sunamganj on the way. Shyamoli transport from Sayedabad, Hanif Enterprise, Ena Transport, Mamun Paribahan's non-AC bus goes to Sunamganj. Rent AC from 500 to 500 rupees From the Sunamganj bus stand to the Sahebbazar ghat rickshaw. Hassan Raja's museum will be seen beside the house ghat.

Where to stay

Hotels in Hotel Sunamganj can be rented from 200 taka to 1000 taka.

  • Hotel Noor-Eastbazar Station Road Sunamganj
  • Hotel Sarpiniya-Jagannathbari road, Sunamganj.
  • Hotel Nurani, Old Bus Stand, Sunamganj
  • Hotel Mizan, Eastern Bazar - Sunamganj
  • Hotel Palace, Old Bus Station, Station Road
  • Surma Valley Residential Resorts

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  1. Once I went Sunarganj to visit Hason Raja Museum. Wonderful place to hang out, sight seeing.


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