Seven Color Tea of Nilkontho Tea Cabin, Sri Mongol, Sylhet [Travel Guide]

Many people know about seven colors of tea in the same glass. Instead of taste, tea is more surprising.
Seven Color Tea of Nilkantha Tea Cabin, Sri Mongol, Sylhet

Those who visit Srimangal do not forget to taste the satarang tea. Ramesh Ram Gaur (42) has been making a seven-color tea for almost 12 years. He has two shops - in the canteen of 14 rifle Battalion of Ramnagar and Kalighat Road in Manipuri area of ​​Srimangal. The name of his shop is Nilkantha T-cabin.

He himself claimed that he was a small trader in Atani Bazar of Muktagachha upazila of Mymensingh. But the partner embezzles the whole money. As a result, in the first week of March 2000, with the wife, three sons and two daughters, they went to Srimangal for exchange of fate.

With only one and a half thousand taka Ramnagar took a job in a shop in the city's new market by renting a house at Manipuri Para. In August of that year, leaving a job, he gave a tea shop to Kakiyhara Tea Garden, adjacent to the Bangladesh Tea Research Institute (BTIRI).

After intensely thought and hard work, in 2002, the two color of tea in the same glass were invented. Gradually started raising tea level. Now it stands in seven colors.

He also said that the tea was made by a combination of cloned T and various types of spices. At present, seven levels of tea will be 70 taka, six level 60 taka, five levels 50 taka, four level 40 rupees, three level 30 rupees, two level tea is Tk 20, high special tea is 20 taka, special milk tea is 10 rupees, green tea is 5 taka, Ginger tea is 5, red tea is 5 taka and lemon tea is sold at Tk 5.

How to go to Nilkantho Tea Cabin

Travel from Dhaka to Srimangal on the road and road. Intercity train Parabat Express leaves Dhaka at Kamalapur on Tuesday at 6:40 pm except for Tuesday. Jayantika Express at 2 pm. Apart from Wednesday, the Wagon Express leaves at 10pm every day of the week. Fare Tk 115 to Tk 765.

Apart from Chittagong, the Pahariika Express leaving at 8:15 pm every morning except for Monday. Udayan Express on Saturday noon at 9 pm except Saturday. Rent Tk 140 to Tk 943
Srimangal will come to Sylhet from Sylhet train station from Sayedabad, Kamlapur, Arambagh, Hanif, Shyamoli, Mamun, Unique etc. or Kamalapur railway station in Dhaka. Shyamoli Transport- 02-7540993,07550071 Shohag Transport-02- 9344477, 01711-6124433 Saudia-101919-65485801919-654861.

If you go somewhere far from Kalighat Road with rickshaw from Srimangal town, you will see 'Nilkantha' written on the big signboard. Rent 10 taka The cabin is available in the 14th Rifle Battalion Canteen and all the security will be available.

You can drink tea indoors or outside in a quiet and open place. The second one is located in Ramnagar, holding the same road. You can go for rent of Tk 20-25 per person. Here you will be able to drink tea in the wonderful environment of tea garden.

Where to stay

The best place for staying in Srimangal is T-resort on the Vanuagachh road (Phone 01712-916001). Among other places - Hotel Grand Sultan (five star) - 01552-683454, Rainforest Resort (01938-305706), T Town Rest House, Hotel Plaza (8626525, 01711-33605), BTRI - 08626-71225 etc. These hotels and resorts are priced from Tk 500 to Tk 5,500.

Apart from the excellent two resorts of Srimangal Radnagar, the Nisarg Nirab Echo Resort (01715041207) and the Nissas Lichibari Echo Rorsot (01716939540)
There are also some hotels where there can be accommodation, costing of 500/800 taka.

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