Hatikumrul Navaratna Mondir, Temple, Sirajganj [Travel Guide]

Hatikumrul Navaratna Temple, Sirajganj, Credit: Ashik Sarwar(TOB)

Medieval archaeological heritage, Nabaratna temple of Hatikumrul of Sirajganj. This nabaratna temple, decorated with 9 terraces rich in terracotta plaques, is a significant archeology of Sirajganj district.

You can also lose the way of history for some time in the Middle Ages. Probably, in 1664, the inhabitant of Hatikumrul, Naib Dewan Ramnath Bhaduri of Murshidabad, built it in imitation of Kantanagar Temple in Dinajpur.

There is another temple situated 50 meters far above the temple of Navaratna and a temple dedicated to worshiping Shiva temple and worship. This nine-pointed temple is named after Narayaratna Temple, which is decorated with stems and trees and terracotta figurines.

This temple square is 15.4 meters. That is, the thick walls of the brick kiln around it. Terracotta pictorial paintings on the main pillars of the temple. The blade filled with flowers, fruits, leaves and gods and goddesses is full of medieval works. Not only the blade, the art of medieval art is clearly visible on the walls of thin brick tiles.

The main pinnacle of the three-storey temple is nine. The entrance to the temple, on the east side, the stairs leading up to the north of the cell. The upper ceiling of the main building is covered with round dome. There is another room in the same room on the right side of the central chamber or temple of the temple and there is a verandah around this room.

It is relatively small in size and has a more dome-shaped roof. A pond next to the temple. This pond is surrounded by various rumors. Someone says, 'There is a dwelling place of gods and goddesses.' Another says, 'The treasury of the landlord is hidden.'

Way to go

Road from Dhaka to the Bangabandhu bridge on the west connecting the road of Sirajganj road to crossroads. Sirajganj road from there. Hatikumarul is 2 kilometers north of rickshaw or van. Then go back to Methopatha. When one kilometer goes the Hatikumrul nabaratna temple.

Where to stay

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