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Kantojir Temple, Dinajpur, Credit: Tourists attractions in Bangladesh
Kantajew Temple or Kantanagar Temple or Kantojir Temple 20km north of Dinajpur city of Bangladesh and west of Dinajpur-Tentulia highway is an ancient temple situated on the bank of the Dhappa river. It is also known as the Navaratna Temple, because it had nine stories or gems of the three-storey temple. Kantaji Temple is a beautiful religious establishment built in the 18th century.

From the inscriptions of the basewadi on the northern side of the temple, it is known that, at that time Maharana Zamindar Prannath Roy of Dinajpur started the construction of the temple at his last. After his death in 1722, after his death, his adopted son Maharaja Ramnath Roy completed the construction of the temple in 1752 AD. Initially, the height of the temple peak was 70 ft.

When the temple collapsed in 1897, its pebbles were broken. The terracotta plaques on the outer walls of the temple are written in the Ramayana, the Mahabharata and various myths. There are about 15,000 terracotta tiles in the entire temple.

The temple has moved up three steps upstairs. Inside the temple all the arches around the temple are seen. Although the temple premises rectangular, the temple of the height of 50 feet height standing on the foundation of the stone is square.

All the gateways in the lower ground have many grooved arches. The bridges are separated with two brick pillars, the pillars are two very beautiful and rich ornaments. From the second verandah on the west side of the temple, the staircases went upstairs. There are 21 gates in the lower ground and 27 in the second floor, but on the third floor there are only three.
Kantojir Temple, Dinajpur, Credit: Muktadir Billah

How to go

Bus and train can be made in Dhaka from both directions. Dinajpur (Dinajpur) buses from Dhaka are usually discounted from Gabtali and Kalyanpur. On this route, the AC buses of Nabin Paribahan move. Rent 900 Taka Apart from this, Hanif Enterprise- 8013714, 8015368, SR Travels-8013793, 8019312, Keya Transport -900081, SA Transport- 933205, Shyamoli Transport- 9 00331, Nabil Paribahan non-AC buses are also in this way. Rent 500-550 taka Dinajpur directly from Dhaka to Asadgate, CollegeGate, Shyamoli, Kalyanpur, Technical Burdh or Gabtoli to Nabil, or Bablu Enterprise chair coaches. Almost 30 minutes or 1 hour after the car leaves the car. Besides, some transport to Uttara also goes to Dinajpur.

Intercity train Express Express from Dhaka's Kamalapur Railway Station in the evening at 7:40 pm And the interconnected Ekta Express left at 9:50 am. Unity and Express Express from Dhaka are closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays respectively. Rent Suite Seven 185, Shovon Chair 250, First Class Chair 350, First Class Brest 535, AC Chair 618, AC Bareth 897 Taka.

Kantajir temple can be reached from Dinajpur city to autorickshaw.

Where to stay

Tourism Motel (0531-64718) is a good hotel for Dinajpur town. Apart from this, you can also book this motel from the main head office of Dhaka. Phone: 98992888-91

Dinajpur Tourism Motel, AC Twinbed Tk 1500 and AC Twinbed Deluxe Room Tk 1800 Apart from this, there is a night stay of 100-100 taka in other general quality hotels in Dinajpur. Some of the most common standard hotels are - Hotel Diamond (0531-64629), Nimtala Hotel Al Rashid (0531-64251), Hotel Nabin (0531-64178), Hotel Rehana (0531-64414), New Hotel (0531-68122) at Malda Patai.

Besides, you can also stay in the bungalow inside the Ramsagar. To stay here, get permission from the local forest department. The building has three general and an air-conditioned room.

Rent for every common room is 500 rupees per night and Airfare-controlled room rent is 1000 taka. They have to arrange their own food. During the night, there will be a great opportunity to spend a great night at Ramsagar Dighi.

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