Hatirjheel, Dhaka [Travel Guide]

Hatir Jheel, Dhaka

Hatirjheel is an area of Bangladesh's capital Dhaka which has been built for public transport. In this busy city of brick, a pleasant entertainment center has become the Hatirjheel in the capital to overcome the fatigue of a tired citizen. Anyone can visit the day or night at Hatirjheel.

The main objective of this project is Tk 1,606 crore, to increase the beauty of rain water, water logging and flood prevention, development of dirt water drainage system, to reduce the traffic congestion and to improve city beauty.

Hatirjheel unveils a new horizon in Dhaka in terms of environment and aesthetics. Construction of walkways around the springs, road along the overpass and the east on the west side has been constructed. Beautiful bridges, eye-catching fountains, beautiful white stairs have been constructed to move from the lakes to the other side. There are also facilities for boat sailing. Where a few years ago, Hatirjheel was the source of rotten water. But now it is holding fresh water. The water will be supplied through the pump. There are also measures for drainage. There will be trees.

Besides, the cultural center, children's park, world-class theater and body practice centers will be set up for entertainment. The Mosque will be there for tourists to receive prayers. Four bridges, 4 overpasses, 3 viaducts have been set up on 302.7723 acres of land. After the evening, Hatirjhe ranges in a variety of illumination rows and makes them look like a pinnacle.

History of Hatirjheel 

In the continuation of the British King, the elephants of Bhawal kings were kept in the Peelkhana. At that time, elephants used to use these elephants for bathing, Elephant Road, Hatirpool area. The word 'elephant' has been associated with the name of the area due to the introduction of elephants.

And because of the bathing of elephants, Jhil is named as Hatirjheel. From the pages of history, it is known that the roads used by elephants for pilgrimage from Peelkhana to Begunbari area, later the elephant name associated with those areas.

How to go

Hatirjheel can come from any corner of the city or CNG by CNG.
There is a bus service to visit Hatirjheel. At the moment, four minibuses of 29 seats will take passengers from 10 stoppages around Hatirjheel and take off. Tickets can be found at Rampura, Madubagh, FDC, Bubazar, Shooting Club and Merul Badder in six counters. The minimum rent from one counter to another counter is 10 taka. If you go from Rampura to Kawranbazar then you will need 15 takas. And the entire Hatirjheel will have to ride around 30 Taka.

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