Toiduchora Jhorna, Khagrachori [Travel Guide]

Among the green hills and wild forests in Dighinala upazila of Khagrachari district, the name of the two rivers is Toiduchora Jhorna. In Tripura, the name Toidu means water doors and Chora means water.
Trekking For Toiduchara Waterfall, Khagrachori, Credit: Mahmood Hasan Tomal

Excellent beauty and natural variation gave this spring a different dimension. Toiduchora is one of the few places to visit in Khagrachari. Due to the jangle, curved mountains flow through the trunk of the hills, the water of Taiduchara. Around the face of a cool and trimmed flutter, it is surrounded by rythmic music. Water comes from 300 feet high hills and then comes to the rocky ground. Like any other spring, its water does not fall down on the right.

On the hillside, the rocky steps, like the stairs, go down and fall under the water of Taiduchora Jharna. On the right side of the river, there is another spring named Thangzhang Jhorna. Here it will be about 100 feet above the angle of 80-85 degrees angle. When you get up first, you will see the water of Jharna where water from Taiduchora falls.

Water from the Thangzhong Falls is coming water on the way. It can be reached later in the Thangzhong Jhorna after going for hours with the jhiri road. The way of this walk is as difficult as the thriller and beautiful. The water is coming down from a very high speed. It is necessary to walk through the velocity of this water. Where water flows low and there is shaola. The legs slipped a little bit.

Sometimes the water flows here are too much to push down. So, pressing the foot here will have to walk very carefully. Once slipped, it will be thrown away hundreds of hands. There will be more to go from here. On the way, we should have large stones and waist-like water. Then you will get the second Taichora Jhorna.

He is amazing and beautiful, he is the spring. It is so beautiful and it will not be easy to blame anyone. The mind will want to go downstairs. The fountain is about 80 feet high. There are many rocky steps like the stairs where the water of Jharna falls directly into it. The water flowed down the steps. Standing in steps, the bathing work can be taken away.

The long tired walk will be washed away in the water of Jharna. The cold water of the spring water will make you wandering for a while.

On the way from Dighinalala to Teducara, we will have plenty of food and drink. Try to take a light backpack. If not take the better. You can keep some dry clothes with them. Take the waterproof bag for mobile and camera. And with the addition of saline, glucose and fast aids.

How to go

From Khagrachhari, you can go to Dhaka on peace, Shyamoli, Hanif and other transport buses. The rent will be Tk 520. BRTC and St. Martin's Paribahan AC Bus are also available in Khagrachari. The bus of Shanti Paribahan goes straight to Dighinala.

  • Saint Martin Paribahan - Arambagh 017626691341, 017626691340. Khagrachari: 017626691358.
  • Shyamoli Transport - Arambagh: 02-714-291. Kalyanpur: 9003331, 8034275. Asadgata 8124881, 912454. Dampara (Chittagong) 01711371405, 01711377244.
  • Shanti Transport - Arambagh (Dhaka) - 01190994007. Oxygen (Chittagong) 01817715552.

Khagrachari can also go from Chittagong.

  • BRTC AC Bus (Chittagong) Kadamtali 01682385255. Khagrachari 01557402507

From the Khagrachhari bus to come to Dighinalala. Khagrachari-Dighinala will take 40 minutes.

Fare  60 Taka

Staying at Dighinala 

With permission from the administration to go to Toiduchara and adopt the guide selection. The next day, from Dighinala to Chappapara by car / motorcycle. Dighinala local people from Tapanpara, Pomangpara or from the Jamaltali, the high hills, somewhere in the knot, and anywhere else to go through the same river of the river and go through the jungle to the village of Tayduchara. It takes about 3 hours. After three hours walk you will reach the 1st fountain and one more hour to reach the trekking hills and reach the junction.

Where to eat: 

The location of the traditional system at Pankhai Para near the town of Khagarhachari. Here you can eat traditional diets of Khagrachari. Contact: 0371-626634, 01556773493, 01739063222. You will be in the hotel. There is a hotel for different quality, including tourist motel in Khaghrachhari. But there is a good way to stay in Dighinala. It is Dighinala Resthouse.

Adulton Motel: If you cross the Chengi river in the city then it will wear. All the rooms in the motel are two beds. Rent: AC 2100 Taka, Non AC 1300 Taka AC suite room is 3,100 taka. The map of Bangladesh within the motel is made. However, due to electrical disruption in whole Khagrachari district the AC rooms are being rented as non-AC due to the voltage fluctuation. Contact: 0371-6208485, 0371-62084, 0371-62085, 01556564375.

Hotel Eco Chowki is situated in the mountainous environment beside Khagrapur Cantonment. It is the resort type hotel. Contact: 0371-62625, 3743225, 0371-61625, 0371-61626, 01828-874014. Room rent is 1000-2,500 takas per night.
Hotel Hill Suborno: 0371-61436, 01190776812

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