Hazarikhil Ovoyaronno, Chittagong [Complete Travel Guide]

Ramgarh-Sitakund forests 45 kilometers north of Chittagong city. Among the forests, there are various wildlife sanctuaries of Hazarikhil, where there are 123 species of birds. These birds of color are among the endangered species of Kathmukur and Mathura. There are some Dhanesh and hutum owl.
Hajarikhil Ovoyaronno, Chittagong

Due to the presence of various species of plants, some species of birds have been found in the evergreen forest, which are not seen in other forests. These include Hud-Hud, the Chokh Gel, Nilkanta, Bighabau, Ababil.

These birds are diverse in size, color, and nature. Recently, a study by the Bangladesh Forest Research Institute found the species of birds found in these researchers.

In the Sanctuary, migratory birds have joined the winter with various species of birds. The birds are turned into evergreen forests in a different state.

The government declared the 118 hectares of forest forests in the Ramgarh-Sitakund forest of Fatikchhari upazila in Chittagong on April 6, 2010, as a wildlife sanctuary. The most important wild animals of this region are Monkey, Hanuman, Maya deer, Wild goat, Cheetah cat and Meezo tiger.

Mixed evergreen forest is the main tree of the sanctuary, Grass, Chapaliish, Segun, Karei, Mahogany and Chondon. The famous Rangapani tea garden is located next to the sanctuary.

One such bird in the Hazarikhil Wildlife Sanctuary has 'Chokh Gelo'. Another wild bird named Hudhud, locals called 'Kandhokara'. The bird collects food on the whole floor and collects food. Birds eat insects in the nest box. Mathura is very much liked to live in the bush of the forest. The birds of this kind of wild animals travel in pairs. Due to the dangers of Mathura forests, the areas where the forest dwells are located in Kathmoyur. Very bizarre nature, the bird is found in the mailie.

In addition to grains, insects are their favorite food. They removed the soil from the soil and removed the clay. The famous bird 'Kya Dhanesh', which is famous for its bold lips and its helmet. They like to be in small groups. Wandering in a banyan soft tree, the birds eat lizards, rats, and even other birds. Hutum owl is hiding in a big black tree near the water. They also have fish, crabs, and frogs in the list of preferred foods. But rats and reptiles also eat. Hutum Hutum calls the locals as the name of the bird 'hutum owl'.

Other types of birds found in the Hazarikhil sanctuary include Khunda woodpecker, big springbauri, sapphire, bighabau, small springbauri, tet fishchanga, white chest fishing, cloud ho fisherman, green switch, cheek head switches, blue tail switches, big kanakuka, wife Talk, cuckoo, green cuckoo, surrela cuckoo, parrot, tia, ababal, nose cut, lakshapacha, churle owl, stripe ink owl, black owl, Jalali kabutar, tila daghoo , Ram Dewalu, Dhala Dewalu, Small Hariyal, Orange Book Hariyal, Yellow Foot Hariyal, Dahoo, Banmoor, Jaid Woodpecker, Burmese Woodpecker, Green Woodpecker, Goldie Woodpecker, Hat Woodpecker in Mass.

There are more - Waterpieces, Hottie, Mat head hottie, Poora, Tula Eagle, Bhuvan Chil, Sekha Chil, Small Fishery Mural, Small Lightning, Beetle, Go-Buck, White Buck, Myaja Buk, Kani Buck, Walk, Snail Khol, Gray Book Tunei, Common Ban Toni, Leaf Bulbul, Green Bulbul, Turtle Shampoo, Junky Shawlick, Cowboy Shawl, Wooden Stick, Rakkak, Kutum Bird, Green Pantry, Finger, Kesharaj, Vimraj, Small Fing, Yellow Bird, Fitik Jal, Lathura, Alattapari, tail dances, or Dummy Butcher, Big Cabbage, Spoon Butcher, Petit Bullet, Black Bulbul, Gray Bulbul, Black Head Bulbul, Shyama, Black House Rajan, Doyle, Puffy Dazzle, Blue Shilama, Shilamama, Red Chest, Sapphire rattles, Asian creeps, trail birds, tunatuni, seven vials, white crown panga, panga, blacksmith gate, macarine, violet cheeks, blue tuni, mouchatuni, syndur, red mautosi, barricades, tainted Swimming, red flower gardens, birds, sparrow birds, babu, field sparrows, sesame blooms, forest dining, white dancers, gray dancers and yellow head dancers.

How to go

Chittagong has to go to Fatikchhari and to reach the Hazarizhil sanctuary. Any local transport, such as the CNG, can be taken by bus to Fatikchhari Bibirhat. The rent will be 30-35 taka.

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Where will it be

You have to stay in Chittagong or Sitakunda or Fatikchhari because there is no facility to stay.

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