Hazrat Baba Adam Shohid Moshjid, Munshigonj [Travel Guide]

Baba Adam Shohid Moshjid, Dorgabari, Munshigonj, Credit:TOB

Bikrampur of Munshiganj District is the famous for the mosque of the  Baba Adam Shaheed (R), a six-domed sultan during the Sultani period, at the town of Qazi Kasba, near the famous Rampal village.

There is a mazar before a few yards of it. The mazar is a rosary mausoleum on the platform of 25 square (twenty-five) feet braided area. The mosque is situated on rectangular land. Its area is 43 feet north-south and 36 feet east-west and four octagonal corner bases or minarets at the four corners. There is a work of step-by-step decoration of the tower at the inflatable line of the spectrum.

On the western wall there are three semi-circular concave Mehrab. The central walls of the central palace emerge outward. The three walls of the front wall with arched with rectangular frames, there are very beautiful craftsmanship in the top country.

There are deep flat niches on both sides of the main entrance and the surface is beautifully hollow. Besides, there are hanging chains and hours of decoration, but there is no verandah in the mosque. In the interior there are two pillars made of granite stone.

With the help of these two pillars, the interior divides into two rows in the east-west and three rows in the north-south. And this pillar is two octagonal to four feet up to four feet and then sixteen-shaped.

On these two pillars and surrounding walls, the mosque's semi-circular small dome is placed six. Like the interior of the dome and mosque, it is divided into two rows in the east-west and north-south, and its walls are very thick.

The terracotta paintings such as the main palace and the two palaces on both sides and the walls next to the side, the geometric design and the rose puff, hanging lamps and chains, are very beautifully decorated. At one time the outer side of the mosque, especially the front walls, was decorated with very beautiful terracotta paintings. Some paintings work still on both sides of the central entrance.

It is said that at one time the pillar of the mosque was purple with two sculptures by the women of both Hindu and Muslim communities for the sake of vow. This mosque is mainly known as the Dargabari mosque or the father of Adam's mosque and the shrine of Baba Adam's dargah.

How to go

On the way, only 23 kilometers away from Dhaka's Munshiganj Sadar. But to come to this Mazar, more 05 (approximately) kilometer will come inside. You can come back to Dhaka by morning and visit the mosque and visit the mosque in the afternoon.

It will not be difficult to go on the road. But by water you can reach the destination and avoid the traffic congestion and reach the beauty of river paths with ease. Munshiganj launch can be reached within 2 hours of Munshiganj launch from Sadar Ghat. From Munshiganj Sadar Upazila, go to the mosque adjacent to the shrine of Dargabari, Baba Adam Shahid (R). Rent 25-30 taka.

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