Inani beach, Cox's bazar [Travel Guide]

Inani Sea Beach, Cox's Bazar, Credit : Mim Kabir

If there is more than 5 kilometers from Himchari, then Inani Beach or Inni Sea Beach. Inani Bech Coral Stoneware Much like St. Martin. Like the sea beach of Cox's Bazar, big waves do not fall on the beach. It is a very quiet beach, which is in Inani.

Coral reefs can not be seen when the tide comes. At the time of the dawn, this stone was just scattered throughout the vast area. The sharp snail mussels are on the coral reefs. So it is dangerous to skip over here.

The main attraction of Inani Beach is the coral and stone. Almost every stone is of different sizes and types. How old is the stone! And how much memory is mixed! If you go to Inani Beach with the Teknaf Marine Drive, on the way you will see two high hills and high waves of sea waves.

Not only will the eye be added, but the whole time you will be one of the decisive! On the other side, the sea on one side is the sea. Which one do you see? The mind wants to see the two sides.

In the afternoon, if you do not want to go to the sea or if you do not have such plan, then you can go to Inani beach. The great sea will be seen in front of you by the cool sea. Enjoy the sunset and you can return.

In the afternoon the tide is generally less than the other times that the crowd of people is slightly less crowded. Where the sea is speaking in its own language, it is desirable to keep the racket of the people somewhat less!

How to go

From Cox's Bazar to Dhaka, Sadiya from Dhaka, Mercedes Benz of S. Alam, Green Line, Hanif Enterprise, Shyamoli Transport, Sohag Transport, S. Alam Transport, Modern Line, Shah Bahadur, St. Martin etc. AC, non AC buses. The rental will cost between Tk 900 and Tk 2000.

If you want to go to the train, then you will have to get out of Kamalapur, Chittagong will be named. From Chittagong, then you have to go to Cox's Bazar.

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On the plane, only 45 minutes to go to Cox's Bazar. Regularly, Cox's Bazar, Navo Air, Regent Airways, United Air Wage, and other aircrafts have come. In this case, the rent will be 6500-8000 thousand taka.

The reserve jeep will take 1800-2500 taka. In a jeep, 10-15 turns around effortlessly. Two or three people can also go with a battery powered rickshaw. For the whole day, the rent will be 1000-100 taka.

Where to stay

You have to have a hotel in Cox's Bazar. Cox's Bazar has over 4,500 residential hotel motels, resorts and cottages for tourists. Booking can be done through phone from Dhaka.

  • Model Seawal operated by Bangladesh Tourism Corporation (Phone-0341-6374)
  • Star quality Siegel Hotel (Phone no. 0341-62480-91)
  • Hotel Sea-Palaces (Funn-No-0341-63692, 63792, 63794, 63826)
  • Hotel C-Crown (0341-64795, 0341-64474, 01817 089420)
  • Hotel Media International (0341-6-2881-85 62881-85)
  • Hotel Osan Paradise Ltd. (01938846753) 

For one night there is a room ranging from one thousand to 60 thousand taka. For those who do not want to spend so much, they have a low priced hotel. Behind the Seagull of the hotel, there are only 500 taka hotel on Kolatoli Road.

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