Komola Ranir Dighi, Moulovibazar [Travel Guide]

Komla Rani Dighi is situated in Rajnagar thana of Moulvibazar district of Sylhet division, also known as Sagor Dighi. The location of the dighi is on 12 acres 12 bigha 12 poya & 12 Chotak land. The lake is located on the western side of the Hazrat Shahjalal (R), one of the Shah Kutub Uddin Auliya accompanied and 360 (R) is lying down to sleep forever. 
Komola Ranir Dighi or Sagor Dighi, Rajnogor, Moulovibazar

Murid people gather from the country and abroad for the sake of his mazar mortar. There is a place of prayer for a Jamw Mosque, a shrine and a woman next to the shrine. 

 The architectural style of the main gulf has disappeared due to the newly constructed use of modern technology on the western bank. The size of the main ghat and the number of stairs was much more than the present ghat. Hazrat Shah Qutb Uddin (R) is held annually in Jalsa 6 Phalgun. 

The arrival of great devotees and devotees came to water. He is cultivating fish designed by the country's expatriate Kadir Mia, who is in the capital. A lot of fish are being produced every year. Khadem of Hazrat Shah Qutub Uddin (ra) said that after the death of the orange queen Raja Subid narayan probably had converted to Islam. 

The ruin of the grave of the king and his two sons is on the west bank of Dighi. Many history traditions are being carried out by the famous Kamala Rani Dighi and Hazrat Shah Qutub Uddin (R) Mazar Sharif.

How to go

From moulovibazar, at first you have to come at Rajnagar. Then hire rickshaw , auto-rickshaw or a bus to go to Sagor Dighi.

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