Jurachori, Rangamati [Travel Guide]

Jurachari is located about 57 kilometers from Rangamati Sadar. The meaning of 'jur' is cold and the meaning of the word 'thakhi' is rhymes or springs.
Jurachori, Rangamati

The name of this upazila has been named from Jhurachari named Jhorna. Mizoram in the east of India, before Jurachhari upazila, Barkal on the north, Bilaichari on the south and Rangamati on the west. The only communication medium in this area is the waterway.

Tree coming down from the hills on one side of Jurachhari. On the other side, in the silent water of the Kaptai lake, In the wind of jhiri, you'll find the joy of nothingness. Where do you want to get lost in mind.

Army Camp is located beside Jurachhari Upazila Complex. Besides, Jurachhari Police Station Providers are always ready to provide security. They came running for any need.

What will i see

With permission from Barkal BGB camp, Bhushchara and Choto Harina can go and on the return day, You can visit Mittigachhari, Subalong Jharna, Hanging Bridge and DC Hill can park in the park.

How to go

Dhaka-to-Rangamati has a lot of bus such as: Sohag, Saudia, Shyamoli, Hanif, Eagle etc. You can leave Kalyanpur, Kalabagan or Sayedabad. Fare non AC 600-650 taka, AC 800-1000 taka. If you leave for the night (10-11am), you will reach Rangamati (6-7pm) in the early morning.

From the cantonment area of Rangamati to the reserve market, the auto-rickshaw will be rented 100 taka. The trawler will take 10 to 11 thousand taka for three days. You can also go for the launch from the reserve market. A launch on 7:30 am and another launch left for Jurachhari at 2:30 pm. Rent is from 70 to 200 taka Just two launches in Jurachharhi all day and go. It takes about 3 to 4 hours. On the way, the boat stopped at three four gates including Shuvalong, New Market.

If there is no Jurachari, you will have to catch the returning boat at 7:30 am and at 2:30 pm.

You can also go from Khagrachhari's Dighinala. In that very morning, you will have to leave the motor bike Langdu from Dighinala. From Dighinala to Langdu it will take 1 hour, distance 35 kilometers. ShuvoLong Bazar is a trawler from Langdu. After eating at the noon there will be Jurachhari's launch and reach the Jurachari Ghat before evening.

Where to stay

There is no hotel for tourists in Jurachari or even wooden boarding. Resolve the problem of having local help.

Where to eat

Food Hotels at Jurachhari Bazar can be found. Near the upazila complex, Mohammed Ali Hotel offers delicious food. The price is lower.

What to buy with

Take a life jacket. If possible, you will be informed about the senior officials of the administration.

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