Kuakata Sea Beach,Daughter of Sea, Patuakhali [ Tour Guide ]

Kuakata, Popularly known as the Daughter of  Sea. This place is The Beauty of Patuakhali Zilla. Kuakata is the only beach in South Asia where the sunrise and sunset can be seen at the same place standing. It is undoubtedly great to see the sun rise in the sea's belly and the sun's shadow on the ocean.

Kuakata Sea Beach, Credit: Tanzin Hasan Khan(TOB)

The museum has been set up on the left side of the Kuakata Dam and towards the sea beach. Then there are a few yards south of "Firms and Farms" containing gourmet COCONUT GARDEN, fruit and flower garden.

Several picnic spots have been set up in this garden, after the Picnic Spot inspection, there is a 15 km long beach beach with a desirable sea beach.

On the east side of this beach, they will first be seen Coconut gardens, beautiful shaped tamarind garden. The forest beaches have been decorated with the development of various species of trees. The coconut and Jhaw Bagan, also have a picnic spot where tourists make their own rounds.

From one east to the east on the lake of Char-Gangamati, from there, a little inside from there, the Sri Sri Anuptok Thakur's Ashram of Satsanga and the mishripara huge Buddhist monastery.

On the west side of the beach, in Limbapur every year, from the time of Ashwin to the month of Chaitra, the fishermen were built in a natural way by Shotki Palli. In this shooty village, different species of fish are converted into fish by natural means and supply them to the whole country.
Kuakata Sea Beach, Cortasy: TOB(Facebook Group)

 It is good to go to Zhawbon to see the sunrise. From there, the sunset is good, there is no doubt that many more people like you will go before you to see how the sun rises in the sea belly.

It takes 20 minutes to walk in the morning to go to Zhawbon. And 10 minutes to the van.

br />There will be rows of trees in between. This forest is formed under the government forestry scheme.

Some people might feel better than the sunset at sunset, the scene looks better. You can clearly see the change of color when sunset over the sea.

Kuakata Sea Beach, Cortasy: TOB(Facebook Group)

The roar of the sea is usually not heard due to the words surrounding the day. The most amazing form of the sea is understood at night. If you want to hear the roar at night, you can definitely go there.

There is no fear of security. Safe place But it is good to be careful.

The truth of the night is that the roar of the night is really Amazing. If there is a hotel near the beach, the roar can be heard from the hotel.

For tourists and tourists, this beach has a ride-down motorcycle and horse. Fare is usually according to distance and time. Around the Kuakata there are several picnic spot.

 You can go to see them with speedboat and trawler or engine powered big boat. There are several picnic spots around the beach at Kuakata.

 They have all the cooking methods. From the stove, Ber-B-Q the chalk, the beard, the spinach to the cook.
Kuakata Sea Beach, Cortasy: TOB(Facebook Group)

Tourists on the sea coast are on a trip by sea cruising ships and trawlers and speed boats. Upon these ships and trawlers, the tourists themselves filled themselves with unforgiving self-interest by roaming in the deep sea, including the Fatrar Chor, Shonar Chor, Katka, Hasher Chor, Gangamati Lake and Sundarbans.

 There are good arrangements for eating at sea cruisers.

There are limited number of shops in Kuakata, from which shop, you can buy your required goods.

You can buy your desired product, bit bit pricy.

Due to the shortage of fish in the dump, you can find different sea fish shoots at very low prices. Many species of fish, including hilsa, Rupchandas, sharks, laitya and Shaplatata, are dried and dried in the sun, and exported abroad.

Another interesting experience to find out how to make dried fish in huge areas.

Rakhine Polli

The tourism center of Kalapara upazila enjoys pleasant scenes of the Kuakata beach, the delights of indigenous Rakhains of the most attractive indigenous Rakhains.

 Rakhain community has nearly 200 years old tradition. You can see the huge figure of "Gautam Buddha". The country's largest Buddhist temple is located 10km away from the Rakhain Palli in Kuakata.

 This meditated idol of Gautam Buddha is 36 feet high and its weight is 37 minds. Motor cycle is the main vehicle to move from Kuakata. It is known that the beauty of the temple is followed by the beauty of China. It seems that Thailand or any temple in Myanmar. The inner atmosphere of the temple is a serious environment.

The people of the Rakhain community, who have been stranded from the state of Arakan, migrated to the sea under the leadership of their King Mang and then settled them in the jungle land in Chittagong and later Patuakhali

 Build their own habitat in their own tradition and culture. At that time the Rakhine community members gave the property to 3 acres and 12 acres of land for their own families. They are still present in their traditional Calcutta.

 Ecopark and National Parks 

In the sixties, around 200 acres of land on the entire coast of the sea, the eco-park and the national park have been developed with the planned coconut, jhawban, gongamati reserve forest, west fishery forest and mangrove ranges of mahipur.

Continuous and overwhelming breakdown of the sea has already become very coconut. On the east side of the forest department, 15 hectares have been made in the sandy beach of Amazing Jhawban.

In the sixties, around 200 acres of land on the entire coast of the sea, the eco-park and the national park have been developed with the planned coconut jhaban, gongamati reserve forest, west fishery forest and mangrove ranges of mahipur.

Continuous and overwhelming breakdown of the sea has already become very coconut. On the east side of the forest department, 15 hectares have been made in the sandy beach of Manolova Jhaban.

Even though there is a human being, at the beach on the beach in Gadhuli, and especially during the full moonlighted Jyotsna night, when the coconut Bithi and Zhabbagan are seen in the nightingale, then the Nityanad arises from an obscure audience and it creates an unboundly divine request.

And in the days when the clear air of the sea flows through the mouth of the ocean, then there is an uninterrupted narcotics in the ears of the listeners by making an uninterrupted consolidation of bout.


Chara Gangaami, another lucrative place to attract paratak, located 10 kilometers east of the mainland of Kuakata. Here you can enjoy the wonderful views of sunrise and sunset standing here. Here, once a trip is a transparent reservoir of Lake Gangamati, which gradually slopes through the sloping slopes of the sea and crossing the other side of the other side, the Bisatin forest monolitha can not be seen. There are various types of trees such as Keora, Gewa, Chaila, Kaiyya, etc. In addition to all kinds of trees, forests, forest cock, and monkeys michi Also nearby are the Rakhain's Baultulipara.

How to go to Kuakata 

 Distance from Dhaka to 380 kilometers, Barisal to 108 kilometers. Several buses from Dhaka are now directly to Kuakata. From Dhaka to Direct Speed Transport, Sakura transport including several transport vehicles, Gabtali or Sayedabad bus stand to Kukateta.

If you live in these buses you will get 200 meters away from Kuakata beach. Rental 500-550 It takes a total of 12/13 hours to go from Dhaka to Kuakata bus. A BRTC bus departs from Khulna at 7am for kuankata.

It takes about 7/8 hours to go from Khulna. And if you want to come from North Bengal, you can get Rupsa or border crossroads from Saidpur to Khulna. By dragging the night, you can go to Kuakata by bus BRTC bus at 7am.

But after Barisal, you need to cross the route of Lebukhali, Kalapara, Hajipur and Mahipur to reach Kuakata by connecting the road.

However, the tourists who want to come to Dhaka via the Navy can get rid of the two ferry disadvantages. Dhaka Sadarghat from the luxury double-decker MV Parabat, MV Saikat, MV Sundarban, MV Resource, MV Prince of Barisal, MV Patarhat, and MV coastline launches in the morning and Patuakhali Kalapara can land at the rent-a-car Joint and Patuakhali-Kuakata route buses to reach tourist center Kuakata.

The launches from the routes mentioned in Dhaka leave the launch gates between 5 pm and 7pm. Single cabin rental in the launch is Tk 600 22 km from Kalyakata from Kalapara It takes 4 hours to go for an hour's journey in the extreme violent phase of the road and the ferry.

Hotels in Kuakata

There are two dak bungalows in the kuakata and the daughters of the sea tourism holidays Homes.

LGED has two, a street and a public road, a rest house of two Rakhine Culture Academy of the district council.

 To stay in these places, the prior permission of the concerned office is to be obtained.
Besides, private tourism cities have been built in small and large, semi-residential residential hotels, Motel. Hotels with modern standards include Hotel Niljana, Hotel Beach View, Hotel Golden Paraz, Hotel Beech-Valley, Hotel Family Homes, Kuakata Guest House, Hotel Sea Girl, Hotel Al Hera, Hotel Akon, Hotel Sea-Garden,

Hotel Many other hotels and motels, including memories.

1. Holiday Homes (Tourism Corporation), Kuakata
Phone: 01715-0011483
Rent: Non AC Twin: 1100 Taka and Economy: 800 Taka

 2. Youth Inn (Tourism Corporation), Kuakata
Phone: 04428-56207
Rent: Non AC Twin: 1500 Taka and AC Twin: 2500 Taka

3. Hotel Sky Palace, tourism area, Kuakata
Phone: 017727507479, 01772-03024, 01716-749027
Rent: Non AC coupling: Rs.1200 and non AC Twin: Rs.1400

4. Hotel Banani Palace, Tourist Area, Kuakata
Phone: 0171-3674192, 01911-672135, 01712-849373
Rent: Non AC Twin / Couple: Rs. 1250 (lowland), Rs. 1650 (top floor), Dormitory: 4000 (8 bed)

5. Hotel Nilanjana, Rakhine Market, Kuakata
Phone: 01712-927904
Rent: Non AC Single: 850 Taka, Non AC Twin: Rs. 1450 Taka

6. Believe C Palace Hotel, Bally Buck, Kuakata
Phone: 0173-0093356
Rent: Non AC Twin: 1800 Taka, 3 Bed Room: 2000 Taka

7. Sea Kanaa Resort Limited, West Kuakata, Kuakata
Phone: 01711-181798
Rent: Non AC coupled: Rs. 1200 (low cost), Rs. 1500 (top floor), non s twin: 1800 taka

8. Hotel Kuakata, Sadar Road, Kuakata
Phone: 0175-0008177
Rent: Economy Twin / Couple: Rs 1500, Economy Family Room: 1850 (1 double, 1 single)

9. Kings Hotel, Sea Shore, Kuakata
Phone: 01713-277630
Rent: Economy Double: 600 Taka, Non

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