Guruduyara Nanokshahi - Dhaka [Tour Guide]

Gurdwara of Dhaka is a Sikh religious place of worship in Dhaka city of Dhaka. It is located beside the Kola Bhobon (Department of Fine Arts) of Dhaka University's campus.

This gurdwara is the largest of all gurdwara in Bangladesh. It is said that Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikh religion, stayed for a short time in the 16th century, where this gurdwara is located in Dhaka.

While in this place, he preached the monotheism and brotherhood of Sikh religion and taught to observe the rites of religion.

A Sikh religious preacher, Bhainath (many people idenfied as Almsst), during the time of 6th Guru Hargobind Singh (1595-1644) of Sikh religion, came to this place and started the construction of Gurdwara.

According to some, the construction of Gurdwara was started during the time of 9th Sikh Guru Tegh Bahadur Singh (1621-1675 AD). Its construction ended in 1830.

After the liberation of Bangladesh, some of the renovations in the building of Gurdwara were started in 1972. Its extensive reform was done in 1988-89, and the outer verandah and adjacent structures were added.

The reform work is funded by the donations made to Sikh religion in Bangladesh and abroad.

The then Chief of the International Jute Association of Dhaka supervised the construction of Chief Sardar Harban Singh. In 2011, a two-storeyed building on the west side of the main building of Gurdwara was built for the Sikh Research Center, the office room and guest overseas.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's wife, Guru Sharan Kaur, inaugurated her.

Though there is no big and glorious temple today, the area of ​​Gurdwara Nanakshahi was huge. On the north there was an entrance.

 There were wells and graves in the south and in the west there was a ponded pond. In addition to the original place of worship, there were few rooms for the devotees to stay.

But those are no longer left. The present temple has been built on a limited space and has repeatedly embodied the form of reform.

The high walled gurdwara is the present gateway of Nanakshahi, on the south side of Dhaka University.

Excellent green lawn in front of the temple. On the left side there is the Sikh Research Center, the right-to-center Durbar Hall. Standing flag on the front, this specialty, built in its own architecture.

Guruduyara NanokShahi, Credit: TOB(Facebook group)

A world-shaped structure is built on the sanctuary. The religious symbols of the Sikhs around him decorate the castor.

The student is at the top of the place of worship. This is the symbol of worship of Sikhs. Gurdwara is a large room in the middle of Nanakshahi.

 There are four gates around this room. The Sikh scripture book on the altar made of wood in the middle is about the book. It is called Sri Darbar Sahib.

 A pair of sticks used by Nanokshahi.There are red carpet leaves on the floor of this room.

The devotees listened to books and books. There are Varandas(Corridor) around the room.

The Gurdwara performed the duties of a gothi (priest) at a time in Nanakshahi. From 1915 to 1947, a Sikh named Sri Chand Jyoti was the priest of this temple. Since 1947, the temple was abandoned till the sixties.

After the independence of Bangladesh, it has been reformed and its current form is given. Currently Piyara Singh is acting as the main gland.

In Guru Nanak Sahib every year, reading and prayer is held every morning and evening. Apart from this, weekly gatherings and prayers are held every Friday from 12 noon to two o'clock. The priestly books and texts are recited.

This kirtan of gurdwara makes the fans fervent. Musician Kiran Chandra Roy has performed kirtan for a long time from the guest residence of this gurdwara. Prasad is distributed after kirtan and prayer. There are also lunch arrangements for the guests coming on Friday.

An annual event organized by Gurdwara is Guru Nanak's birth anniversary and Pohela Baishakh. These two episodes are celebrated very amazingly here.

There is no obstacle in entry of anyone in Gurdwara, irrespective of caste and religion, all old men and women can enter here, participate in prayer and receive prasad.

The people of the Sikh community living in Dhaka regularly came to this gurdwara. Other than this, people from other communities have also been seen visiting this place on Friday. The company's expenditure is met with local fans and foreign donors.

 The followers of Sikhism from outside Dhaka and outside Dhaka gather here and pray. Here is the largest gathering of Sikhs in the country.

How to go 

Many buses from Dhaka to Shahbag and Dhaka University have many buses to move. You can leave these buses on the Arts building of Dhaka University. From there you can visit this gallery.

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