Kutub Shah Mosjid, Kishoreganj [Complete Travel Guide]

Kutub Mosque or Kutub Shah Mosque is an archaeological site located in Ashtagram Upazila of Kishoreganj district and an ancient mosque of Bangladesh. The mosque is believed to be built during the Sultanate period.
Kutub Shah Mosjid, Kishorganj

There is no connotation about the exact construction of the Qutb mosque as it did not find any inscription during its discovery. But considering the architectural style and the other aspects, archaeologists believe that it was built during the Sultanate period in the 16th century.

There is a graveyard beside the mosque which is said to be of Qutb Shah. According to him, the mosque is called the Qutub Mosque or Qutb Shah Mosque. In 1909, the Department of Archeology registered it as a reserve.

The four-cornered kutub mosque has 4 towers in 4 corners, which is octagonal. It is broad on the north-south side and wide in the east-west. The octagonal tower has four minarets. There are also five domes of the mosque in the mosque. Apart from the West walls, there are three main entrances on the three walls, of which three are already located.

The wall outside the Qutb Mosque has various designs. The curtain curved of this mosque in the Sultanate period This is believed to be the oldest mosque of the Sultanate period of the lasting period of Mymensingh.

How to go

The best is to go to the train. Everyday Egarsindhu Pravati (closed on Wednesday) at 7 am every day for the purpose of Kishoreganj. Get up and go to the helicopter. Fare 120 Apart from Gulistan Phulbaria, the BRTC buses can be used to go to Kuliarchar. Fare 200 Taka Those who want to become Bhairab, they will go to Bhairab and go to the Cooliersar by CNG. Shares will be charged at Tk 40 each.

Launghghat left with a rickshaw after leaving the Kuliarchar. From here, 6 o'clock in the morning, 8am, 9am, 11am and 3pm by the launch of the ostagram (Austagram), fare 100 taka It takes 3 to 3 hours.
You can come to Bajitpur while coming. BRTC's AC bus will be available all day. Fare 180 Taka

Where to stay

The first and the main place is the District Council Dak Bungalow. Rent 300-1500 (room rate). Caretaker Ranjana Bhai, please contact with booking. He will do cooking too. His phone number: 0171-0299125 / 01914-975389
There are also two general-quality hotels in the market for rent 100-200 taka. Or you can camp yourself with tents.

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