Murapara Jamidar Bari, Narayonganj [Complete Travel Guide]

Murpara zamindar house is one of the most known places of Rupganj thana of Narayanganj district. It is 25 km from Dhaka. It is located at Narsingdi road away. Zamindar Ramratan Banerjee started construction in 408 hectares of land in 1889, in the Murpara zamindari house.
Murapara Jomidar Bari, Narayonganj

He was the Treasurer of Natore State and was promoted to a higher position due to his honesty. But it is common that Ramaratan Banerjee only built the foundation and structure of this house, but after his death, his son, Pratap Chandra Banerjee, left his old house in 1889 and built another palace. In this huge landlord house there are over one hundred rooms, most of which can be found in artworks. This zamindari house is divided into several parts, including caterers, guest house, nightclub, Puja Mandap, salon, store.

Jagdish Chandra Banerjee completed this building in 1909 and himself became a zamindar. Jagdish Chandra Banerjee was a very popular person, because he was elected twice as the councilor of Delhi. Jagdish Chandra Banerjee made many things during his tenure for the subjects.

On the other hand, he was very tough to the people. He was a powerful landlord. During his reign, if a person did not pay the rent on time, he would have cut his head and would burn his homes with fire. During the partition of India in 1947, Jagadish Chandra Banerjee went to Calcutta.

Among the last surviving zamindari houses, there are many nearby Dhaka, among which the Murpara Zamindar house is one of the few. The original building of the landlord house is used as Murpara Degree College building. In 1995, another administrative building was built beside him.

Like many more zamindar houses, it has also been declining slowly as a witness in history. However, this landlord house is much better than most of our country's landlords. But when the main building goes backward, it is seen how the landlord house is going to be destroyed.

How to go

Ruposhi Bastadand or False by going down the bus from Sayedabad, Gulistan or Jatrabari, Dhaka, Meghla, Glory, Asean Transport or Narsingdi Bhairabgami in Dhaka. Then the landlord house with rickshaw. Ruppi busstation (CNG) (Rupees 20 per person) Murpara zamindar house in the Demraghat through the capital on the north side of the river Shitalakkhya crossing the middle of the river Shitalakshya, the story of the ancient traditions of Rupganj, the story of this zamindar house is still on the edge of the landed house.

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