Migratory Bird Paradise, Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka [Travel Guide]

Migratory Birds of Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka

From the very beginning of the winter, campus migratory birds of Jahangirnagar University face the Calcutta. You can easily come to Dhaka from the campus in a clear nature. Jahangirnagar University is a clean place among the green nature. There are several water bodies on the campus of Dhaka Sabuj campus. For many years the birds of winter are choosing the ponds as a safe haven.

Jahangirnagar University has more than 22 water reservoirs. Among these, there are two more ponds in front and behind the administrative building, Jahanara Imam Hall, Pritilata Hall and Al-Biruni Hall adjacent to the water bodies.

All the ponds have red shapla. In the first part of the day the chapels are boiled. In the red carpet of the red carpet, guests of the birds will also love. Patiya 'Pati Sarali' is the most important of the pond in the campus. Besides, occasionally small pakauri, Dhalabuk Dahuk or Pati Panamurgi will be seen. But with the increase of winter, the number of birds and species in the ponds generally increases.

To look at the birds, there is a need to keep an eye on some things of Jangangirnagar. The University has given importance to the Campus area as a bird sanctuary.

Therefore, the rules of the authorities should be obeyed. Check out the birds from outside the safety net provided by the authorities. Keep the silence on the campus, do not play the car horn. Vitr to any behavior that birds are disturbed.

When to go:

Originally in late October and early November, guest birds come to Bangladesh. At the end of March, back to your address. The best time to watch the bird in campus is in the morning and afternoon. So you can spend the whole day in the campus on campus. You can take lunch at the campus bottalahaha different Rolandora. You can fill the lunch with very low price at the low price.

How to go: 

In Gulistan, Farmgate, Kalyanpur or Gabtoli, Nabinagar in Manikganj, any bus can fly easily to any of the buses in front of the campus. Simple vehicle rickshaw to visit campus

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