Mohastangarh, Bogra [Travel Guide]

Mahasthangarh is the current name of ancient Pundranagari in Shibganj Police Station of Bogra district. There are 4 thousand years old structures in this area. Strong Maureas, Gupta and other kings used Mahasthangarh as their provincial capital.
Mohastangarh, Bogra

Pundranagar has been used as the main capital of the Pals. This huge city is situated on the west side of the damn Karatoya River, which is not only in Bogra but also the whole of Bangladesh's past traditions.

Barendra region (Bogra, Rangpur, Dinajpur, Rajshahi, Malda) was the real residence of Pundra. In 1931 Mahasthan was identified as ancient Pundranagari. After the collapse of the Gupta kings, King Shashanka formed a strong kingdom. After the death of Shashanka, the famous Chinese traveler, One Chun, came to Pundranagar for the Buddhist establishment tour in 693.

He saw many Buddhist temples and monasteries built by emperor Ashoka. According to his description, Pundra was a prosperous city and its size was six miles. This highway was very much like Athens, Babelion, Egypt. Pundranagari became the Mahasthangarh of Bangladesh during the prosperous Muslim rule.

In 1808, "Buchanan Hamillton" first discovered the destruction of Pundranagara.

Tourist places in Mahasthangarh

Bairagir Bhita: It was built for 4 years. After the digging, the remains of some temples are found. The statue of the statue of two statues is preserved.

Khodarapathar Bhita: The picture of the great Buddha standing in Anjali and his followers is preserved.

Kalidah Sea: The historic Kalidah Sea and the residence of Padmadevi in ​​the western part. The historical Kalidah Sea is surrounded by a mud fort. Rarendi baths were held in the ancient Kalidah Sea every year in March of the Hindu religion. After the bath, the pilgrims organized the Gangapuja and Sankirtan programs at the sea level.

Shiladebir Ghat: 'Shiladeer Ghat' on the banks of Karatoya river on the east side of the average. Shiladevi was the sister of Parshuram. Here every year Hindus get bitten and one day a fair sitting.

Zeitkund Kupa: There is a large coupe called Zeitkund on the west side of Shiladebari Ghat of Mahasthan Garh. It is said that after drinking the water of this coup, the injured soldiers of Parshuram would be cured. Although no historical foundation was found.

Archaeological heritage sites of Mancilar Islands include terracotta ornaments and dish dishes, statues of Ganesha made of copper and residue of fifteen domed mosques.

Govinda Vita: The Gobinda Vita is situated right in front of the Mahasthangarh Museum. Govinda Bhita is a excavated archaeological site. The word Govinda Vita means Govinda (Hindu deity) and Vishnu's house. But no evidence of Vaisnavism was found here. Yet the site is locally known as Govinda Vita.

Totaram Pandit steps: It is located in Paharpur village. The remains of a Buddhist monastery are found here.

Gokul Medhah: This place is also known as Behula Bazaar house or Lakhindar Medha. Its position in Gokul village 3 km south of Bogra-Rangpur highway. There is a stage with 172 square rooms available.

Iskandar step: It is located on the Rangpur-Bogra highway in Baghapur village, 3.5 kilometers south of the fort area. Here a small stone statue called Kartika is found.

This place, named after Khulna Khapla Chand Sagar's wife Khulna, is located in Chengispur village on the northwest corner of the fort.

Mahi Sawar Mazar Sharif: A historical mazar Sharif is situated somewhat west of Mahasthangarh Bus Stand. The shrine of ancient ancient shrine was developed on the center of Pirzada Hazrat Shah Sultan Mahmud Balkhi (R :).

He is said to have come on the back of the fish and he came to the varera land. So he is called Mahi Sawar. From a conventional story, it is known that a Muslim named Hazrat Mir Borhan lived here. King Parasuram ordered his sacrifice for sacrificing cattle by giving vows to the son and Mahi Sawarra arrived on the back of the fish to help him.

The jungle of Bhima: From the north east of Bogra, this place extends up to the place called Damukdhara Bit in the north. This place matches the military area because it is the defense of the eastern part of the country.

Jaggi's building: This place is located in Battahshali, 3 miles west of Khetlal road. The sacred places of this place are located in the southeast.

Aurra: It is located in Arra village on Masan Dighi.

Teghar: It is located north of Chadina Haat.

Rojakpur: From Gokul to the west you will have to go west of Haripur village. Rosakpur village is situated on the Bogra Khetlal road near Chadniya Hat, west of Haripur and west of Samraya Beel.

Mahasthangarh Museum: Many idols of Maurya, Gupta, Pala and Sena periods have been found in the museum on the north side of the mahasthan excavation due to mahasthan excavation. In addition to Mahasthan average archaeological remains of more places are preserved here. The museum is closed on Sunday and Monday morning and noon breaks from 12:30 to noon at 2:30 pm.

The palace of Parshuram: There are three archaeological sites. In the 8th century AD, the Vesnupatara stone during the Rama period. In the 15th-16th century, there are some brilliant examples of Muslim heritage. Between 1835 and 1853, two coins used by the East India Company were found.

How to go

Road from Bogra is easily accessible from Dhaka to Bogra. From Bogra city, go to CNG, Tempo, Rickshaw and go to Mahasthangarh. Among the buses which go to Bogra from Dhaka are notable,

  • T.R. Travels: From 7am to 11:30 pm every 30 minutes, it leaves for Bogra. Phone: Gabtali-01191-494865, Mohakhali-01191-494866
  •  Shyamoli Transport: From 6am to 1:00 pm every 1 hour after it leaves for Bogra. Phone: Asad Gate-02- 9123471, Kalabagan-01711130862, Sayedabad-017152696940
  •  SR Travels: It leaves for Bogra every 30 minutes from 7:30 am to 11:30 pm in the morning. Phone: Gabtali-02-8011226, Uttara-01552315318
  •  Hanif Enterprise: Dhaka Bus Stand, Phone: 051-60940, 60803, 01911-560882

Where to stay

There are several hotels and motels to stay in Bogra. Among them are Hotel Naz Garden, Travel Motel, Safeway Motel, Northway Motel, Century Motel, Motel Castle MH, Hotel Akbari. You'll also get four star hotels here. Places to be maintained in Bogra are:

  •  Hotel Naz Garden: Silimpur, Bogra-5800, Bangladesh. Phone: 88-051-624468, 66655, 6372, 64197, 78088
  •  Tourism Motel: Banani Road, Bogra, Phone: 051-66753
  • Akbaria Hotel: Kazi Nazrul Islam Road, Tharodode, Bogra, Phone: 01716-179982

Other Hotels in Bogra City:

  • Motel North Way, Sherpur Road
  • Hotel Al Amin, Nawababari Road
  • Hotel Royal Palace, Upshahr
  • Hotel San View, Sherpur Road
  • Hotel Safeway, Shantahara Bound
  • Hotel Rajmoni, Bogra Raja Bazar
  • Hotel Honey Day, Big Mosque Lane
  • Hotel Aziz, poet Nazrul Islam Road

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