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Dhanbari Nawab Palace is located in Dhanbari of Tangail. Khan Bahadur Syed Nawab Ali Chowdhury was one of the founders of the Dhaka University, the first proponent of the state language Bengali and the first Muslim minister of the British Government. His immortal graveyard is situated in Dhanbari zamindar house or nawab palace.
Dhanbari Nawab Palace, Tangail, Credit: TOB

Located in the region between the Banyai and the Beiran river, this ancient landmark house is truly beautiful and charming in the wonderful architecture and craftsmanship. But after creating the resort, the Nawab Palace has increased glitter and modernity.

The four-dominated Amazing Mughal architecture built in this centuries-old Nawab Palace. The entire Nawab Manzil or Nawab Palace surrounded the wall. The palace is south-facing and long porch. There is a big arcade in the east of the building.

There are two rooms for guard on either side of the courtyard. The palace was built by landlord Nawab Ali Chaudhury to welcome the British governor. There are more than two residential buildings in the walled courtyard area; flower gardens, zoos, salon, nawab ghar, kachari ghar, and slaves house; Which you can still see.

Visitors have the opportunity to visit some of the rooms inside the palace. Apart from this, the Mughal period  can be touched by the nababi content of the verandah, touching them. The Mughal period furniture will impress you. The beside the palace has a 30-bigha huge lighthouse, whose kulkarnara finds liability.

 There are two snacks, you can also ride to visit. Apart from this, there is a horse and horse carriage to explore the whole resort of Nababi. If you wish, Garo's culture and dance can be seen. For this, you have to be informed before the resort authorities. Apart from this, you can see more about the extinct stick game.

Another great attraction of the resort is the Nawab Mosque. A 700-year-old mosque is located right next to the Royal Resort. Signs of Mughal architecture The mosaic of this mosque and the finest craftsmanship of marble stones on the floor is remarkable.

 There is a room beside the mosque, Nawab Bahadur Saeday Nawab Ali Chowdhury's shrine. Since the death of Nawab in 1929, the Quran is recited for 24 hours, which has not yet been closed for one minute. Currently, there is seven qari. They recite the Qur'an after every two hours.

The shape of the mosque built in Mughal architecture has been changed several times. A three-domed mosque has a lovely and elegant monument. Vandalism is present in the center of the mosque. The mosque is located on top of ten katha land.

The original mosque was rectangular. Then its length was 13.72 meters (45 feet) and the width was 4.57 meters (15 feet), but after the reform, the size of the mosque changed accordingly. It is now contrasted with a square mosque and a common three-dimensional rectangular Mughal mosque.

After the reform, many of its features have adopted different forms, and with its antiquity disappeared and the glamor has increased. There are three entrances on the east side of the mosque in the beautifully decorated arch, and there are five more entrances in the north and the south. After the enhancement and renovation of the mosque, the impressions of antiquity on three domes and five entrances are noticed.

In the conventional rule, along with three entrances to the east of this mosque, three mihrabs were built on the Qibla wall inside it. The central mihrab niches are decorated with octagonal and multi-cusped arches with flower designs. The two sides are made of two or several crescent arches, but not decorated. There is a minibus beside the central mihrab.

The interior of the mosque is decorated with mosaic designs by fragments of porcelain everywhere, in most cases the flower design is noticeable.

There is an old cemetery in the walled area of half-an-hour. There is a mosque next to it. It is believed that Ispinger Khan and Monwar Khan established the mosque. In this mosque, you can earn 200 prayers together. There are three chandeliers in Mughal period still under the mosque.

You can also be a witness in the tradition of Nawab Palaces. You need to spend only 30 takas to enter the resort.

How to go

Dhaka-Dhanbari direct bus service has been started from Mohakhali's Tangail Bus Stand. Dhanbari will be able to reach Tk 150-200. Landarbari near the Dhanbari bus stand, if you want to walk or reach rikshaw there. Walk from the bus stand to 5-7 minutes walk to Nawab Palace. If it is better to go to own transport.

Where to stay

Here you are in Nababi Styles. But it depends on your ability. There are four types of accommodation arrangements. Manzil (original palace), palace (kachari house), villas (200-year-old tin-shed buildings) and cottage (recently tin-shed bungalow). The furniture and bedsteads of Manzil and Palace, all the furniture including Sofas used to be the ancient period used by Nawabs. But the furniture of nawabs cannot be found in villas and cottages. Rent one to five thousand taka. If the team is tied, you can get great discounts. Apart from this, the three residential hotels at Aditya, Saikat and Dreamtach situated in Madhupur Upazila headquarters near Dhanbari Nawab Palace. These are beautiful arrangements for AC and non AC rooms.

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