Monpura Dwip, Island, Bhola [Travel Guide]

Monpura Dwip, Island, Bhola, Credit: Salman Fatemi (TOB)

Monpura is a isolated island of Bhola district of Bangladesh. Meghna river on the three sides of the island and the Bay Of bengal in the south. If you do not go here, you can not understand what beauty is waiting for you.

You can see the sunrise and sunset sitting on this island. There are more Monpura landing stations, deer park and Chowdhury project. The main vehicles of this island are motorcycles. Since the film 'Manpura' has been realised in Bangladesh film about Manpura Island, the island's popularity has increased.

Monpura landing station is built within 500 meters of the river. Not only tourists from afternoon to night, locals also come to spend time here. Sit down at night, it seems like you are floating in the depths of the Meghna. Because then there will be water around you and you will be sitting on top of the water.

Sometimes the river shook the river and the river was shaking, and it seemed to be flowing in the river. It's an exciting thrill feeling.

During the tide the deer comes to the main road. According to locals, when the deer's flock crossed the road, waiting for three to five minutes to stand on the motorcycle. If you are destined, you can also see the deer flock.

There are more on the island, Chowdhury Project. The project is a fish enclosure. Here you will find a wide variety of fish farming ponds and lake.

Thousands of coconut trees in row across the lake. Meghna on one side of the lake on the other side The afternoon will be very nice to spend here. The project, however, has some damage due to cyclone comen injuries.

This island is a good option for cycling and camping. Ever since the state of greenwood and on the side of the uphill Meghna river, on the way to Manpura Island cycling is quite a delight for the mind.

When will you go

Winter is the most suitable time for Manpura tour.

What will you have

The laughter of the monsoon is very popular in the winter on Monpura Island. Beryllium milk beans, hilsa, coral, boal and lobster are quite well known. Meghna river fresh hilsa and buffalo raw milk is very tasty. You can eat at Babul's hotel. The cost will be worth 60-70 taka.

How to go

You can not go whenever, beacause Monpura is an isolated island. Two launches, called MV Farhan-3 / MV Farhan-4, left the tool at 10 in the capital's Sadarghat launch terminal from Platoon every 5 pm. By this launch you can reach Manpura Island by 7am. Do not forget to watch the sunrise on the journey. It takes 12/13 hours. The launch deck will cost Tk 350 each.

On returning from Manpura Ramnawaj Launchghat, the departure of the bus left for Dhaka at 2pm.

Besides, from Dhaka or Barisal to Bhola, Tazmuddin Ghat's C-truck can be moved to Monpura. The C-truck will leave from Tazmuddin at 3pm and leave at Manpura at 10am at 10am.

On the other hand, two launch launches on the Janata Bazar route of Manpura from Betuaaghat Charfashion. Hundreds of people are coming and going to Monpura along the route every day. From this April to November, this river is marked as a danger point, hence the launch movement is closed on this route.

Where to stay

There are three dakbanglwos (official Dakbungalow, Press Club bungalow, caritas bungalow) on Manpura Island for the stay. With the permission of the concerned authorities, the government will be able to stay at Dakbungalow at a low price. You can arrange accommodation for the rest of the group. The cost to stay in the dak bungalow would be 200-300 taka.

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