Rangamati Waterfront Resort, Gazipur [Travel Guide]

Rangamati Waterfront Resort, Gazipur

Rangamati Waterfront Resort and Picnic Center is located in Chandra, near Gazipur very near Dhaka city. Name rangamati name first thought Rangamati? So far away! In line with Rangamati district name, Rangamati Water Front Resort is named after this vacation center.

There are banquet stations, lake fishing and sightseeing arrangements and cottage vacations arrangements. Surrounded by Shal Tree. There is a free hall here There is a lake navigation system, there is a chance to soak the body in the swimming pool.

Have a picnic spot. You can also get tandoori and kebab with all other foods. There are seven cottages, two storied buildings and eight more. All rooms are air-conditioned.

Rangamati Waterfront Resort is a specially designed for family and corporate picnics. There are 4 picnic spots, namely Kamini, Yamini, Bij Field and Empire Theater. Each spat has a separate playground and cooking space. The whole resort is surrounded by dense green ornaments, quiet surroundings, children's playgrounds.

There is also more
  • Picnic Spot
  • Music event
  • Bar-B-Q Corners
  • Profit Corner

Approximate cost

Picnic Spot Rentals:
  • Kamini 35,000 taka
  • Jamini Tk 35000
  • Big Field 50,000 Taka
  • Amphi Theater Tk 40,000

Cottage Book:

Deluxe Suite 7000.
Single Suite holiday 5000 taka and other days except holidays 4000 taka.

How to go

Chandra will go to Dhaka from Mohakhali or Farmgate in Dhaka. Then, from Chandra to Tempo or rickshaw, Tangail road will be taken to the Rangamati-Water-Front.


Booking Office: Flat # 602, Concord Tower, 113 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Banglamotor, Dhaka. Phone 01811414074, 01811414080, 02-9341086

You can also contact their website

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