Musapur Closer, Sea Beach, Noakhali [Tour Guide]

Musapur Closer, Sea Beach, Noakhali, Credit: TOB

The location of the Musapara closer and the small Feni river along the right bank of the Bay of Bengal on the southern border of Companyganj upazila of Noakhali. Muzaapura closure of nature's creation.

Here is a beautiful world of green nature, wildlife, bird flock, forest garden, closet between Feni river, 23 vents regulator, festivals of fisheries and broad waters of the sea.

When the waters of the tide rise on the sea, the unique beauty is developed in the small Feni river of Muchapur closer.

The small-scale waves in the coastline collapsed. There is a chance to see sunrise and sunset anywhere in any of the sea beaches, about 5 kilometers long and 3 kilometers wide.

The forest department's forest garden is standing in the middle of the trolley jam to the south of this musapur closure. This is by looking at an extra natural beauty. The head around is standing high on different types of forest trees. Here the scenes of various species of birds can be enjoyed in different colors including the racket, huge beach, surya and sunset. Travelers and nature lovers go to the grazing in trawler or speedboat.

Musapur Closer, Sea Beach, Noakhali, Credit: TOB

How to get information about some of the buses and some buses in Noakhali are provided below for your convenience:

  •  Ekushey Transport left from Mirpur at 6am, leaving Jigatala at 6:30 in the morning, leaving Sayedabad at 7 am and 7:30 am. Rent: 200 / -Tack Contact: 01678047382.
  • The luxury transport leaves the bus every 15 minutes from 7:15 am to 8:30 in the morning. Rent: 200 / - Taka Contact: 017126693836 (Sayedabad Counter)
  • Shahi Transport will leave from Sayedabad at 6:40 am and depart at 7:40 am and from Jigatala at 5:40 am. Contact: 01913628038

Noakhali Company's Basur Hat from Bangarbazar, then on the south side of Chowdhury Bazar crossing the road of four kilometers with four roads in the east, after the Janata market in the south and crossing 1.5 kilometers south of the road a little earlier, Muchapur Closer.

Where to stay

The good place to stay in Noakhali is Circuit House, Royal Hotel, Town Hall, Hotel Raffson, Hotel Liton in Old Bus Stand, Noakhali Guest House located on Hospital Road. Rent is much less One interesting thing is that there are good restaurants at the bottom of every hotel.

1. Pubali Hotel, Main Road, (Municipal High School), Maijdikort, Noakhali Contact: 0321-61257
2. Hotel Al Murshed, Main Road (Jame Mosque), Maijadi Court, Noakhali Contact: 0321-62173
3. Hotel Raffson, Main Road, Maijdikort, Noakhali Contact: 0321-61395

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