Nokshipolli, Purbachol [Complete Tour Guide]

It may be a good place for those who want to get away from traffic congestion in Dhaka, this beautiful area near the Balu bridge in Purbachal.
Nokshi Polli, Purbachol, Credit: Travellers 360(Facebook Group)

There are quite a lot of eating hotels, restaurants, but there is a little different restaurant, Nakshi Palli. You can spend some nice time sitting here by the river, if you want to rotate in the boat, even if it is in the carriage of horses.
Nokshi Polli, Purbachol. Credit: Travellers 360(Facebook Group)

There are lots of places to walk around. The environment will be even more charming when the surrounding shells fly in one group.
Nokshipolli, Purbachol, Credit: Travellers 360 (Facebook Group) 

Nokshipolli, Purbachol, Credit: Travellers 360

Nokshipolli, Purbachol, Credit: Travellers 360 (Facebook Group)

Address: Purbachal, Sector-01, Road-402, Plot-06, Gowaara Ghat, beside Purbachal Balu river.

Way to go

You have to go 300 feet before anywhere in Dhaka. From 300 feet to Purbachal, you will see two bridges. First of all, Boalia bridge will be followed by Balu Bridge.

Balu Bridge crosses right on the right side, there you will find Bholanathpur graveyard in the place. Going to 300 feet, you have to go to Ottawa on the Baloo Bridge.

Auto fares will be charged at Tk 30 Nakshipalli will get a little distance from the auto and will get a walk in it.

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