Stairway to Heaven[ Myung Kopal or Hati Mura or Hati Matha], Khagrachari- [Complete Travel Guide]

Myung Kopal or Hati Mura of Paerachora Union of the upazila sadar of Khagrachari district is a high mountain road. Many of the locals again call the Hati Matha(Elephant Head).
Staireway to Heaven, Myung Kopal /Hati Mura, Khagrachori

In the name of Chakma, Edo Sire Mone Many people call it Stairway to Heaven and say. People from 15 villages, traveling on this route in a remote, deserted steep mountainous direction.
Myung Kopal/ Hati Mura, Khagrachari, Credit: TOB(Facebook Group)

Sadar upazila and Matiranga upazila and border areas of Bhingamura, Badlchhra, Makhan, Tisra Para, Kanipa Para, Hajra Para, Bagra Para, Keshab Mahajanapara, Sadhpara, Kaptlaparara to ease the life of a simple 308 feet long iron made stairs.

Way to go

If you want to go to Myung's Kopal / Hatimura, you will have to get in front of the Jamatoli passenger camp at Khagrachari Town at Panchhari. Bus rentals from Khagrachari Sadar to Jamtali per person 15 Taka.

Then the Jamaltali passenger will go straight through the road on the left side of the camp and cross the Chengi river and go towards the school road on the right. School name Paltanjoy Govt Primary School. Go there and find a shop there.

The road to the right side of the shop has to go through. There must be two bamboo crossings(Basher Shako). Then, on the right side, the little road that has gone through the crossing, by crossing the bamboo crossing, it will go straight ahead. Here's a Village called Bagra Para.

Then proceed to the front of a wide range of verses. Then there will be a big elevation. If it crosses a locality, the name of the area is Kaptala.

Then, on the right-hand side, you have to move forward, go ahead and get two roads ahead and move on the right road. Then we can see the great Mayong forehead/elephant mound.

It will take time to reach all the hours a half. The trekking is roughly because of the hardships because it will have to trek short hills. You must take water and dry food.

Where to stay

Khagrachari has hotels for different quality, including tourism motel.

Tourism Motel: When it crosses the Changi river, it will enter the city. All the rooms in the motel are two beds. Rent: AC 2100 Taka, Non AC 1300 Taka AC suite room is 3,100 taka.However, due to electrical disruption in whole Khagrachari district, the AC rooms are being rented as non-AC due to the voltage fluctuation. Contact: 0371-6208485.

  • Hotel Eco Chowki is situated in the mountainous environment beside Khagrapur Cantonment. It is the resort type hotel. Contact: 0371-62625, 3743225.
  • Hotel Shawl Suborne0371-61436, 01190776812.
  • Hotel Jerin0371-61071
  • Hotel Lobby: 0371-6120, 01556575746, 01199244730.
  • Hotel artists0371-61795.

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