Noyabad Moshjid, Dinajpur [Travel Guide]

Noyabad Mosque, Dinajpur, Credit:TOB

224 year old Noyabad Mosque is located in Nayabad village of Kahorol upazila, about 20 kilometers away from Dinajpur town of Bangladesh. This mosque has been built on 1.15 bigha of land. A plate placed on the main door of the entrance of the mosque is known to have been built in the reign of Shah Alam II, during the rule of two years, 1200 BS (in 1793).

At that time, King Vaidyanath, the zamindar was the zamindar. The last descendant of Dinajpur Raj family From the residents of the area, it is known that in the middle of the 18th century, Muslim architects and workers who came to build the Kantanagar temple built this mosque. They came from any western country and settled in Nawab and they built this mosque for their own use.

The three-domed mosque has four octagon monuments with a size of 12.45 meters x 5.5 meters. The thickness of walls is 1.10 meters. There is a window on the north and south walls. There are three pillars on the wall on the west side which have been built along three entrance doors of the mosque.

 The mid-mint size is large (height is 230 meters and 1.08 meters wide) and the same size of the other two minutes. The terracotta or terracotta art used in the construction of the mosque is not under development and those which are not completely insecure.

There are currently 104 remaining terracotta remaining. They are rectangular and the size is 0.40 meters x0.30 meters.

There is a grave beside the mosque. However, there is no information related to it in the graveyard or in any part of the mosque. But it is said that it is the grave of a construction worker of the mosque.

How to go

Dinajpur (Dinajpur) buses from Dhaka are usually started from Gabtali and Kalyanpur. On this route, the AC buses of Nabin Paribahan move. Rent 900 Taka Apart from this, Hanif Enterprise- 8013714, 8015368, SR Travels-8013793, 8019312, Keya Transport -900081, SA Transport- 933205, Shyamoli Transport- 9 00331, Nabil Paribahan non-AC buses are also in this way. Rent 500-550 taka Dinajpur directly from Dhaka to Asadgate, CollegeGate, Shyamoli, Kalyanpur, Technical Burdh or Gabtoli to Nabil, or Bablu Enterprise chair coaches. Almost 30 minutes or 1 hour after the car leaves the car. Besides, some transport to Uttara also goes to Dinajpur.

Intercity train Express Express from Dhaka's Kamalapur Railway Station in the evening at 7:40 pm And the interconnected Ekta Express left at 9:50 am. Unity and Express Express from Dhaka are closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays respectively. Rent Suite Seven 185, Shovon Chair 250, First Class Chair 350, First Class Brest 535, AC Chair 618, AC Bareth 897 Taka.

From Dinajpur city to the auto-rickshaw can be reached at Noyabad Mosque.

Where to stay:

Tourism Motel (0531-64718) is a good hotel for Dinajpur town. Apart from this, you can also book this motel from the main head office of Dhaka. Phone: 98992888-91

Dinajpur Tourism Motel, AC Twinbed Rs 1500 and AC Twinbed Deluxe Room Rs 1800 Apart from this, there is a night stay of 100-100 taka in other general quality hotels in Dinajpur. Some of the most common standard hotels are - Hotel Diamond (0531-64629), Nimtala Hotel Al Rashid (0531-64251), Hotel Nabin (0531-64178), Hotel Rehana (0531-64414), New Hotel (0531-68122) at Malda Patai.

Besides, you can also stay in the bungalow inside the Ramsagar. To stay here, get permission from the local forest department. The building has three general and an air-conditioned room. Rent for every common room is 500 rupees per night and Airfare-controlled room rent is 1000 rupees. They have to arrange their own food. During the night, there will be a great opportunity to spend a great night at Ramsagar Dighi, it will be awesome. 

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