Oxford Mission Church, Barishal [Travel Guide]

Oxford Mission Church, Barisal, Credit: Beautiful Bangladesh

The Oxford Mission Church is the second largest of Asia's continent and one of the architectural features of artistic churches in Bangladesh. In the divisional city of Barisal in the southern part of West Bengal, the oldest structure is the epiphany church, but it is known as the Oxford Mission. The Father of the Red Brick gave the original shape of Sister Edith's design. Construction began in 1903 and ended in 1907.

The attractive church built in Greek architecture has a large prayer room. Inside the wall, the green grass carpet will be covered with dense fields, 13 ponds, Oxford Mission Primary School and Oxford Mission High School, hospital, library, student hostel, playground, flower garden and medicinal plants.

 There is a huge cross on the original altar. Around 35 acres of land, engraving with wood in the church and marble stone tiled floor. The church is the same level as the 5th floor in height. Inside scenery is a very pleasant, quiet-friendly environment, row-row pump tree.

The Father's House mirrors the waters around the dighi. Mother's House is also there. The church has an interesting bell, which is the largest in Asia, playing it seven times a day. There are numerous corridors and 40 archers in the church, which strengthen its structure.

It seems from a distance train engine. The passengers of this engine will go to heaven with the yoke of faith.

You can look around with permission. Time is too short to see, since most of the time prayer.


Open until 4pm for visitors.

How to go:

How to go to Barisal

Bus or by road:
By road you can reach Barisal from Dhaka to 6 to 8 hours. Every bus has left Barisal from Gabtali Bus Terminal for 6 to 10pm every day. Most of the buses cross the Paturia Ghat to Barisal and some buses cross the Mawa Ghat to Barisal. Buses coming from Dhaka stops at the Nijulabad bus stand of Barisal.

Buses from Dhaka to Barisal are among the buses

Shakura Transport, Phone: 01190658772, 01772556677
Eagle Transport, Phone: 0-9006700
Hanif Transport, Phone: 01713049559

Bus rent: AC bus rental: 700 / -
Rent of non AC bus: 500 / -
Local bus fares: Tk 250 to Tk 300 / -

By rever or by launch
Barisal launches from Dhaka depart from Sadar Ghat between 8am and 9pm. Of these, beautiful forests 7/8, Survi 8, Parabat 11, Kirtankhola 1/2 launches are good. The launch reached Barisal at around 5am. It will be very enjoyable when you launch Greenline Launch in the morning.

Launch Rentals
Deck rental is 150 taka, double cabin 1600, VIP 4500.

You can also go to the airways.

Where to stay

There are several residential hotels to stay in Barisal. Hotel Paradise to International, Phone: + 88-01717072686, + 88-01724853590
Hotel Grand Plaza, Phone: + 88-01711357318, + 88-01917458088
Hotel Athena International, Phone: + 88-0431-65109, + 88-0431-6523
Hotel Hawk International, Phone: + 88-01718587698

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