Rong Rang, Rangamati [Complete Travel Guide]

Rangamata beauty will remain incomplete when the color of the hill does not reach the top of the hill. The Karnafuli river, who had gone to the hollow of the hill, Its position in Barkal and Jurachhari upazilas near Karnaphuli.
Rong Rang, Rangamati

All the beauty around you will come in front of the eyes if the color can rise to the top! At first, it may seem very easy to rise in the hillside. But the path of its way is quite steep. Twenty minutes of trekking will be needed to get to Rangarang hill.

Rong rang hill, the army camp at the foot of the hill, and the top police. Tand's tower is on top of the hill. For security reasons, there are police members here. So many people now call it T&T hill.

Travelers coming to Rangamati may have heard the names of Rangrang Hill rarely. The boat's midwifery Shoblong Shower turned their turn. Even many tourists can not visit the Subulan market even if they do not have information. But it is a hill very close to Shubulan Falls. And the sidebanks have to go through the Rong Rang.

When will you go

Rangamati travels are unique at any time. But if you want to see the real beauty then select the rainy season.

Rangamati city will have to be pressed on any bus to Rangamati by Kalabagan, Kamalapur and Fakirapul of Dhaka. Then reserve the boat. Boat fare is between Tk 500 and Tk 2,000. Include Shuvalong Bazar and Rangrang or T & T Hill along with Shuvalong Fountain in the package while renting the rent. And do not miss the chance to eat sweet food at the Shuvalong Senakamp

Where to stay

There are several hotels in the old bus stand and reserve market area in Rangamati. But if you think before going to the hotel, as if the hotel is next to the Kaptai lake? Then you can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and the breeze from the hotel. Rangamati has many private and privately owned hotels and guest houses to stay. Besides, there are some more boards to be found. Bonding costs a little less but it is not very convenient to stay. Here are some of the descriptions of hotels

  •  There are tourism holiday complexes, 12 air-conditioned rooms. Pratiti's rent: 1725 taka
  • There are seven air-conditioned rooms with rentals of Tk 805 each, Contact / Phone: 0351-63126 (Office)
  • Hotel Sufia has 27 air-conditioned rooms. Prune rent: 900 takas (single), 1250 (dual), There are 35 air-conditioned rooms with rent of Tk 600 each, Contact / Phone: 0351-62145, 61174, 01553409149
  •  Hotel Green Castle,There are 7 air-conditioned rooms. Rental rent: from 1150 to 1600 taka, There are 16 air-conditioned rooms with rentals ranging from 750 to 1500 taka. Contact / Phone: 0351-7124, 61200, 01726-51153, 01815-459146

There are also several other notable hotels. For example, Hotel Judge, Hotel Al Moba, Hotel Mountain View, Hotel Dignity, Hotel Safia, Hotel Dreamland etc.

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