Shohag Polli, Gazipur [Complete Travel Guide]

When people are busy in civil life, they find themselves in touch with peace. So it is not bad if you get close to nature very quickly. For those who want to come back in a short time and come to Dhaka, pleasant scenery in the remote areas of Gazipur, the resort 'Sohag Palli', developed in the rural environment.
Shohag Polli, Gazipur

Sohag village is located in Kalampur village 4 km northeast of Chandra Bari of Gazipur. A total of 11 acres of land is a resort built on the high-lying land.
Swimming Pool, Shohag polli, Gazipur

One of the attractions of the green-gourd resort is the beautiful beauty hanging Sanko built on a huge ocean. All craftworks of the pillar and balconies are taken care of by everyone.

There is a double-decker restaurant on the east side of the pond. The name of the restaurant has been named Mejban. Here, a lake has been built artificially. So that there is always water. Different species of fish can be found in lake water.

There are a number of the high-quality cottage at this resort. The lake has been floating in front of the cottages. There are a swimming pool and a hallway for the conference. There are 40 officers and employees to provide full-time service.

There are also high hills. Under which there is a lot of images, with the hollow face of the monkey on the other side, on the beautiful loller lane, the water table and the picture of two giraffes and deer on both sides of the hill.

Ticket Price: The entry fee for the visitors is 50 takas.


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How to go: 

Gazipur crossroads on its own transport or passenger bus will have to cross the Chandra road of Dhaka-Tangail highway. Later, Sohag Palli will get to Kalampur village, 4 kilometers north-east of Chandra junction.

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