Rupmuhuri Waterfall, Alikadam, Bandarban [Travel Guide]

Rupmuhuri Waterfall, Alikadam, Bandarban

In order to take an uncompromising feel to see an awesome show, Rupmuhhari Jhorna of Alikadam upazila of Bandarban should see. The cool steam water of Rupmuhhari water is falling from the mountains of about two feet high.

There is no artificial fountain anywhere. The natural water of this fountain can be saturated by standing in water. The cold water of the fountain brings peace to the body and calm down. Hundreds of tourists came to Alikadam upazila surrounded by rocks in the rainy season to see rainfalls and rainy season every year.

The location of Rupmuhhari is situated about 40 kilometers away from the Alikadam Upazila Sadar from the hill. To see this natural fountain, you have to walk 5 minutes to the Poyamahuri market. Originally named after the name of a hill, Poyamuhuri. To the west of Poyumuhuri Choraa, there is also a separate waterfalls named Poyamahuri Jharna in the Kulghansi of Matamuhuri river.

Poyamahuri Jharna and Rupmuhhuri waterfalls are about one and a half kilometer. The Jham Jham rythm is spreading from the mountains of about 200 feet high, the transparent water stream of the Rupmuhhari waterfalls.

More than 150 feet high, picking up the foam and dancing to dance, Poyamahuri Jharna water is rising. The last destination of these two natural springs is the coolest stream of Matamuhuira, which flows through the Kuluukulu Ravi.

The water of the Rupmuhhuri fountain is cut down on the rocky ground. The water falling from the high hills reflects a fascinating artistic tone by scarring with stone injuries. A sparkling rock on the rocky hills in the stone reveals its heroism in the turbulent stream.

Creating the smoke of water in the fourpaths. When the sun rays fall into the steam water of the spring, the rainbow is formed. This is a wonderful Amalini scene. If you do not see in your own eyes, that can not be believed.

This fountain, situated in the remote hill township, will be a great adventure to tourists. The fountain behind the scenes of the green hills is still unknown to the tourists. However, some tourists have been running in recent years to see the beautiful colors of this natural waterfall.

In the mountainous Alikadam upazila, the natural environment is spread over a wide range of hills. The silky silent beauty of the silhouette is all around. There are 5/6 ethnic groups, as well as the cordial position of the Bengali people. The security forces are in the army alongside the police. Any tourist can cover the natural beauty of the Alikadam surrounded by safety sheets.

How to go

If you want to see the Rupmuhhuri waterfalls, Alikadam will come first.

From Dhaka, you will first have to go to Chittagong-Cox's Bazar's Chakaria Bus Terminal. No AC bus to Dhaka will be charged at Tk 750 Or you can go to Chittagong by train on the bus from Chittagong. From Chittagong to Chakaria, every bus has a bus ticket of Tk 170.

From the Chakaria bus terminal, the bus services of Matamuhuri transport service leave for Alikadam from 7.30am to 6.30pm every morning. Alikadam leaves every day from 7.00 am to 5.30 pm to chakriya. After 40 minutes from the two sides left the car. Rent 60 per minute

It takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes. Alakadam moon (zip) from Chakaria can come in the car. Local rent is Rs 65 per person. One way to rent the reserve is 1200-1400 taka.

Two hours to the bus. And when the moon is in the car it will take 30 minutes or 40 minutes less. The distance between the two is only 10 rupees. In the morning, from the Matamuhuri Bridge area, the engine boats and the dry season will be pressed into the speed boat and in the Matamuhuri river to reach the Kurukpata-Poumuhuri market.

In the rainy season, the engine boat rental will cost two hundred rupees and the speed boat rental in the dry season is 4/5 hundred rupees. The reserve engine boat or speed boat will cost 8/9 thousand rupees.

Where to stay

If you wish to go from Dhaka to night, you can see Ali's tunnel, Rupmuhhari waterfall and leave for Dhaka at one night. You can also see from Chittagong one day. Still have to stay. There is no better way to stay in Alikadam. 

There is a postal bungalow in the district council, whose position is a boarding and marketplace owned by bus stand, which is located in Alikadam Bazar. The standard of boarding is not good. There are 10 rooms in the dak bungalow. Rent - 5 each to the bottom floor 500 taka. On the second floor, every 5000 taka. Hire two bed rooms at Zia Boarding - 450 Taka

Contact at Zia Boarding: Mohammad Saddam Hussein (01828933633, 01828933633, 01553603915)

Where to eat

Hotel Alikadam has medium quality. Expecting too much will be wrong.


You can take them as guides.  Saddam-01831507293/01828933633, Khalek - 01837837591.

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