Sairu Hill Resort, Bandarban [Complete Tour Guide]

An unbeatable beautiful and picturesque resort situated in the first row in terms of beauty - Sairu Hill Resort.

Sairu Hill Resort, Credit: Google

It is located about 20 kilometers away from the city of Bandarban. Sairu Resort is probably the most expensive resort of Bandarban. But it is a beautiful place to look like Cyprus.
Startrail from Sairu Hill Resort, Bandarban, Credit: TOB(Facebook Group)

Seeing it will be addicted to the baric people too. The hills, the rivers, the sky, the clouds and the aesthetically decorated rooms offer the peace of eyes and mind at the same time.

Named after the name of a loving hill girl. This resort makes every moment a unique enjoyable one.
Price rent for Sairu Hill Resort

When to Go

 Autumn is the best time to travel to Sairu. But for those who love clouds, the rainy season can be the best time.

How to go 

Bandarban bus stand directly from Bandarban bus to Dhaka. Saaru Hill Resort on the way to Chimbuk Hill from Bandarban. So bus car can be made from Chand car or CNG.


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