Shwandip island, Chittagong [Complete Travel Guide]

Sandwip is an island under the Chittagong district of the Bay of Bengal on the southeast coast of Bangladesh. It is situated in the mouth of the river Meghna. It is an ancient island of Bangladesh. There are about 400,000 population here. The entire island is 50 kilometers long and 5 to 15 kilometers wide.
Sawndip, Kumira, Chittagong, Credit: Apu Nazrul (TOB)

Look at every place on the island. Cropland is the green nature, the market, everything in the market. From the north to the north of the island you can see all the edges effortlessly. Bibi Sahebani Mosque, a century old Mary, built on the court of Taj Mahal in the north of the island The big dighi adjacent to the mosque, the shrine Traditional dry Dighi of the island's southern shrine. There are numerous mosques, schools, madrasas, large play grounds. If you have good luck, you can see the old Baul songs that are full of songs.
Winter time is the most suitable for traveling to Sandwip. All in all, it is about three thousand to be yours.

Eat and drink

Local food will get all the usual food in the hotel, the quality will be of normal quality, Do not expect anything good. The cost is not less than one hundred taka per person.

How to go

If you want to go from stairs to Dhaka, you will first have to go to Sadarghat. For three days a week, this service leaves Sadarghat at 9am for the purpose of Sandwip.

Or go to Chittagong-bound bus from any side of the country; Kumira Steamer Ghat of Sitakunda Various different places to rent. Non-AC Chair Coach to Dhaka from 500 takas, Supervisor should keep the name of Kumira steamer. From where you will get the bus where you will get 10-20 takas, you will be able to run battery operated auto-rickshaws in Steamer Ghat. The name of this place is Kumira-Guptasara Ghat. At this end, the Kumira, the Guptas on the edge of Sandwip. 

The fares from Kumira to Sandwip will be Tk 300-350 in a speedboat, Tk 150 for trawler and Tk 120 for the se-truck. The trawler tide actually falls, and the sea-truck is twelve o'clock. So the best option is the speedboat. So, after reaching there, take a serial and write the name. After reaching Sandwip, CNG auto-rickshaw rent to Enam Nahar (main city) from Guptsara Ghat, 150-200 taka, will cost between 250-300 takas if it goes straight westward.

Where to stay 

Go straight to the Sandwip Town Complex and go straight to the west of the island, along the edge of the river. You can take help from the locals. Choose the appropriate place to tents. Might of the night light, the sound of the river under the open sky can pass through a few fogs in a very fog. There is also the coffee house of the poet. If you ask anyone, Kabir can be seen in the coffee house. 

Apart from Enam Nahar, there are two hotels, you may find it a little easier to find. Apart from this, Upazila Parishad can be accommodated in Dakbungalow, therefore, to contact the Upazila Parishad. The Contact Number is given on the official website of Upazila Parishad on 01811-341722 (Mahmudur Rahman, Caretaker). Apart from this, you can personally take help from locals, but beware of safety.

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