Bayazid Bostami Mazar, Chittagong [Complete Travel Guide]

Bayazid Bostami's shrine is located on a hill in Nasirabad, Chittagong. Founded in the name of Iran's famous Persian Sufi Bayezid Bostami, this shrine is a very attractive place for pilgrims from Chittagong as well as for foreign tourists visiting Chittagong.
Bayazid Bostami Mazar, Chittagong

The shape of this tomb was first discovered in 1831 in the walls of a walled area on the hillside. A corner of the courtyard is located just in the middle. Later the tomb was replaced by modern structures.

There is a three-domed rectangular mosque of a typical Mughalite and a huge tank on the foothills of the tomb. From architecture, it is assumed that the mosque was built during Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb's time. It is believed that Sufi saints and awards usually used to dwell on hills or forested areas while spreading Islam in Chittagong and established shrines or such structures in these places. Bayazid Bostami's Mazharata is basically a replica founded by him.

Although the history of Bayazid Bostami's arrival in Chittagong was heard in the area. When the devotee requested him to leave after leaving after staying in Chittagong, he was impressed with his love and devotion and allowed him to drop a few drops of blood on the ground and told him to build a shrine in that place.

Bayezid Bostami's shrine is located in the foothills of a great river. As a resident of Bostami, the tortoise and gazer fish are famous. Regionally these are called Mazharis and Ghajri. Bostami Kachim is an extremely rare and extremely endangered species internationally recognized.

Currently, they are not seen anywhere in the world except in the compound of Bayazid Bostami's shrine. They are being cared for by the people of the Mazar's caretaker committee, under the supervision of the shrine. At present, it is believed that this lake adjacent to the shrine is 150 to 350 turtles. During the reproduction season, they are arranged to lay eggs in the reserved place for them on the main hill of the shrine.

How to go

From Dhaka to Bangladesh Biman (02-9560151-10), GMG Airlines (02-8922248) and United Airways (02-8957640), Regent Air (2-8-8953003) go directly to Chittagong. There are also ways to go to Chittagong from any district of the country. If you come to Chittagong city on your favorite bus/steamer/train from your city, then who will come to this place. From there you will go to auto-rickshaw or city area.

Where to stay

There are many quality hotels in Chittagong. Below is the name address is given in some budget hotels. These are all standard but low budget hotels.

  • Hotel Paramount, Station Road, Chittagong: Just opposite the New Train Station. We think it's the best hotel in the budget. Beautiful location, spacious corridor (There is no bigger hotel in the five-star hotels). Rooms are also good. Rent non-AC single 800 takas, double 1300 taka, AC 1400 taka and 1800 taka. For booking: 031-2856771, 0171-23248754
  • Hotel Asian SR, Station Road, Chittagong: It is also a beautiful hotel. Nifty, room hotel. Rent: Non AC: 1000 Taka, Non AC Single. AC: 1725 taka For booking - 01711-889555
  • Hotel Safina, Enayet Bazar, Chattarram: A family environment, a medium-sized hotel. There is a nice restaurant on the roof. Do not want to sit there at night. Rent: Starting from 700 taka. AC 1300 Taka For booking -031-0614004
  • Hotel Naba In, Road 5, Plot-60, O, and Nizam Road, Chittagong. A little more rental hotels. However, for those who want to stay in Nasirabad / and Nizam Road area, they are ideal. Rent: 2500/3000 Taka For booking - 01755 564382
  • Hotel Landmark, 3072 Sheikh Mujib Road, Agrabad, Chittagong: Good hotel to stay in Agrabad. Rent-2300/3400 taka For booking: 01821-0141995, 01731-886997

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