Sitakunda Eco Park, Chittagong [Travel Guide]

Sitakunda Eco Park, Sitakunda, Chittagong

Sitakunda, a 40-minute drive from Chittagong city, is a great tourist spot. If you want you can come back from here. You can see two fountains in Sitakunda, one of them is named Sohosrodhara Jhorna and the other is a Suptodhara Jhorna.

Fountains are able to fill your mind. However, to go to the fountain, you have to go downstairs and down the hill, you have to go downhill. If you are an avid favorite then you can take this opportunity. Apart from this, Sitakunda Eco Park also has a collection of rare rare trees that will stimulate the concept of your tree, as well as the high mountains of this region, will give you unique natural feeling.

By moving from the Chittagong City to the Dhaka-Chittagong highway, the first Pahartali and then one Kattali, the City Toran, the Kumira crossing will be seen on the east side of the Chandranath temple on the high hills, under which the Botanical Gardens and Ecopark situated. As you enter Ecopark, you will see a large display map, through which you can get a full scene of eco park. From this place, about 5 kms away from Chandranath temple, you can walk on foot.

Ticket Price:

You have to enter a 20-ticket ticket per person.

How can I go to Sitakunda?

From Dhaka, AC, non AC buses leaving the bus station from Sayedabad. Comfortable and dependable services are S. Alam, Soudia, Greenline, Silk Line, Sohag, Bagdad Express, Unique Praguti. All buses stop in Sitakunda. The buses from Chittagong leave from Madarbari, Kadamtali bus station. Apart from this, you can also leave some small cars from the ornaments (known locally as Maxi).

>> Dhaka-Chittagong Train Schedule

Besides, the train "Dhaka Mail" stopped from Sitakunda, leaving it at 11pm and leaving Sitakunda from 6.30 am to 7.00 am the next day. Other inter-city trains left directly to Chittagong. Only during the Shutrasushi Mela stop at Sitakunda.

From Chittagong City, you can visit the CNG auto rickshaw on your own initiative and you can rent 250 to 300 rupees. If you want to go to the public bus you will be able to get the bus from the urban ornaments or AK Khan bahns.

Where to stay

There are many quality hotels in Chittagong. Below is the name address given in some budget hotels. These are all standard but low budget hotels.

1. Hotel Paramount, Station Road, Chittagong: Just opposite the New Train Station. We think it's the best hotel in the budget. Beautiful location, spacious corridor (not so great at the third star hotel). Rooms are also good. Rent nan AC single 800 taka, double 1300 taka, AC 1400 taka and 1800 taka. For booking: 031-2856771, 0171-23248754

2. Hotel Asian SR, Station Road, Chittagong: It is also a beautiful hotel. Nifty, room hotel. Rent: Non AC: 1000 Taka, Non AC Single. AC: 1725 taka For booking - 01711-889555

3. Hotel Safina, Enayet Bazar, Chattarram: A family environment, a medium-sized hotel. There is a nice restaurant on the roof. Do not want to sit there at night. Rent: Starting from 700 rupees. AC 1300 Taka For booking -031-0614004

4. Hotel Naba In, Road 5, Plot-60, O, and Nizam Road, Chittagong. A little more rental hotels. However, for those who want to stay in Nasirabad / and Nizam Road area, they are ideal. Rent: 2500/3000 Taka For booking - 01755 564382

5. Hotel Landmark, 3072 Sheikh Mujib Road, Agrabad, Chittagong: Good hotel to stay in Agrabad. Rent-2300/3400 taka For booking: 01821-0141995, 01731-886997

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