Sonadiya Dwip, Island, Maheshkhali, Cox's Bazar [Travel Guide]

Sonadiya Dwip, Island, Cox's Bazar, Credit: Towfiq 

Sonadia Island A beautiful island of Maheshkhali upazila of Cox's Bazar district. The area of this island is about 9 sq km. About 15 km northwest of Cox's Bazar district Sadar and Sonadia Island on the south of Maheshkhali Island. By a canal it has been torn off from Maheshkhali Island.

The sea beach, the Dhaka sandstone on the sea, the Kia-Nishindar bushes, the small-canal parabana and the diverse species of mollusks have unique features. Sonadia Island's history of human settlement is only 100-125 years. The island is divided into two zoos. East and west The total population of the island is about 2000 people.

There are 2 mosques, 1 primary school, 1 cyclone center, approximately 12 deep tube wells on this island. Compared to the eastern part, the population is relatively high. Fishing and fish drying, shrimp and fish fodder are the major occupations of the people of the Ahran Islands.

Some people also work in engine-operated boats and ordinary wooden boats and work as an assistant to run them. Due to the saltwater being surrounded, it is not possible to produce enough food crops on this island. The daily necessities are bought from all Maheshkhali.

The ideal place for camping is Sonadia, friends can go on tent together for a few days in a deserted island. In particular, on the moonlight night, you can watch a night camping and bar BQ party on this Sonadia beach, see how beautiful the world is.

How to go

Cox's Bazar, Dhaka, Kamalapur, Sayedabad, Kalyanpur, and any place in the country, must travel first by bus, train or any other vehicle. From Cox's Bazar Kasturi Ghat to Speedboat or engine-driven boat, then Maheshkhali will have to go. In this case, you have to come to Cox's Bazar at Ghat from Labani Point.

You will get a speedboat to go to Maheshkhali, the rent will be Tk 75 per person, it will take 12-15 minutes to reach Maheshkhali Gate. If you are afraid to ride a speedboat, you can ride on a boat, hire 30 rupees, it will take 45-50 minutes.

Going to Maheshkhali Gate, the rickshaw will come with Gorakghata Bazar, Rent 20 Taka After that you will have to go to Ghatbhanga, 24 km distance from Gorakhghata to Maheshkhali. If 3-4 people can take a CNG ghatabhanga, rent 150-170 taka.

From here there is to go to Sonadia Island again in the engine boat. Sonadia crossed the Sonadia Channel in the ferry boat after breaking the ghatabhanga. Do not have too much water in the canal during the fall. There are two ways to go to Sonadia. Boat while walking or tide. During the tide every day, only one trawler left from West Sonadia to Ghatibhanga. The trawler took the passengers in a while and then returned. The rent is 25 taka each

To carry Sonadia West from Ghatibhanga to the west, there is only one boat on the day. Depending on the tide-raising during the boat, usually leaving at 10am or 11am. Within 40-50 minutes, you will reach Sonadia, rent every 25 taka. Just below the boat, there is a building in the forest department, you can rest there, or sit for a while, in nearby Zhabbagan. Then ask the locals to leave the beach, 10-15 minutes walk on the beach beaches.

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Walking from Ghatibhanga to Sonadia, it is a little difficult. If you walk you will have to go to Sonadia East Para, there is no arrangement for eating there, so going west is better.

It is to be noted that there are arrangements for direct trip to the Sonadia Island by reserve speedboat directly from Cox's Bazar. He has to pay extra money than the fixed rate. Those who love traveling adventure, can go to Sonadia Island by speedboat directly from Cox's Bazar, at some extra cost.

Another good news, now you can go to Maheshkhali directly in the car. Those who are afraid to board the boat or want to take a private car, they will have to go to Cox's Bazar or on the way from Dhaka / Chittagong. Going from Chakaria to Jeep / CNG Badkhakhali and then jeep / CNG to go to Gorakghata market.

Where to stay, Where to eat

There is no residential hotel for tourists on Sonadia Island. There is no specific system for eating. If they give money to the local people, they arrange food. And in the case of the night of Sonadia Island, the local residents also rely on the local residents. However, thinking about the pain of being in the night, those who will come back before sunrise will be deprived of the true beauty of Sonadia Island.

The sunset here is even more extraordinary. In the evening, the white feathers were ripped in a row, and they were flown to their address.

The red tip on the forehead of the blue sky. Suddenly, when the sun goes down, it is a delightful environment created in the sea. And tonight on Sonadia Island is one of the best night of your life.

If you want to spend the night, you will have to stay in the house of the locals. In this case, a boy named Ghiasuddin will be able to arrange for them to eat and give them something in return.

If you say it from the beginning, it will make arrangements for feeding fresh fish or fish, before that he has been able to help some tourists. If you want to be in the office of Forest Department, then you will have to get permission from the staff there.

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