Tlabong Jhorna, Double falls, Bandarban [Travel Guide]

Tlablong Jharna or Double False is one of the most popular waterfalls of Bandarban district, also known as dual waterfalls or twin fountains or climbing gum. It is the starting point of Rimakri canal.
Tlabong or Double Falls, Bandarban

Two streams of pranasha or purja (left) and pankhiang or pangkhiang (right) jhiri have two attractive waterfalls. The reason for having two fountains together is to call it Double False. It is located just 2.5 kilometers southeast of Bom Village and 1/2 hours from Kekrudong. Accurately, the Tlabong Jharna is located at the bottom of the Sungai Jang. This fountain is situated in the deep jungles of Sungang Para and the woods in the middle of the Thaiqang para.

From the wing of Sungaang, it is known that around 30-40 years ago, the mountainous terrorists killed people and threw them down from the fountain. Sensang Para Army camp was in place of Mizoram terrorists in the 1990's.

At that time, many such incidents have happened, they said. From the dealings of Sunsanpara Para, it is known that a word of dwarf is a bow. It means basin or holes to hold water.

From the Sungang para, a trail of plain expanse of red soil has progressed towards Tlabong. On that path, Tallabangai will be seen on an hour-long walk. And on this whole journey you have always seen the eyes of the right hand side to join you, the beautiful, the Kapital mountain. And there are all jum boes in the eyes. Local residents call it Talaabanga. The origin of the rocky canal remakri is from this fountain.
Trail: Rooma - Bogalake - Kekrudong - Passing Para - Sungang Para - Tlabong Jharna.

How to go

To see the Tlabong Fountain, you have to sit down from Bandarban on the night of Dhaka. Some transport buses, including dolphins, Shyamoli, S Alam, and other buses have been run in this direction. Fare is 600-700 taka Ruma Sadar Upazila will have to go from Bandarban to bus or Chander gari .

 Bus fare is 100 taka. Every one hour later, one bus from Bandarban left for Rama Bazar. It takes two to two and a half hours. From there to the next destination Boga Lake. Can be reached in the lagoon lake. It takes time to reach the bogey by four-five bell. And it takes two and a half to three hours to reach. To reach Boga Lake from Ruma Bazar to Chand's car, it will cost 1800-2500 taka.

The next route from Boga Lake will be propagated by trek. Three-hour walk will reach Darjeeling Para, the fifth highest peak in Bangladesh, at Kaokrodong. Mech cloud with a six-layer peak Krekradang! After passing a few steps, the country's highest village passingpara. The clouds and rain looted under the feet.

The body covered with a cloud in the wind, oh! It is not possible for anyone to see someone else in sight, others are not meant to be seen. It's a turn to fall down, about one thousand feet below Sungaangpara.

The road to the rocky road, the horizontal tree, the forest snakes and the sight of the frogs will appear in Sungaang Para. You will have to move around the hillside Sungsangpara and go round the forest and try to beat them. When two or four lumps of blood will never get rid of the blood.

 After about two hours walk, you will come across the sound of unheard-of water, and you will hear it. Understand that the time has been to fry the tired body of the double-foal with a little water in the cold water.

What to eat & Where to stay

You can spend the first night at the fair and on the way to the Boga Lake. Here tourists have lodging and eating arrangements. The price of two hundred and fifty takas is to be counted in the storied wooden houses of Siam Didi or Laram. 

Here the egg fry -potato khichuri mill will get 100 taka. The next morning, after seeing the Tlabong Jharna, you can spend the next night in the house of Robert Bom in Sungangpara. Collect rice and curry from the neighborhood and cook themselves. It is possible to settle for 200 taka. 

With the help of hilly chicken shawl, you can eat jum rice, in exchange for a hundred takas. The place where you live in the morning, you can see the clouds under the eyes of the dusty, but in the end you will be able to spend the three to three thousand takas for the four-five group of go-to-eat, stay-eaten and guide costs.

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