Shamlapur Sea Beach, Cox's Bazar [Travel Guide]

Shamlapur beach near Bahrainchara Union near Teknaf near the Baharchara Union. Without the fishing boats and fishermen, no people will be seen in that way, green touches can be found in Zhawbon. Some people also called it Baharchara beach. The sight of this place will be found on the lonely beach, surrounded by the surroundings of Zawbon.

Shamlapur Sea Beach, Cox's Bazar
Here, solitary is a big thing, how many people are crowded in Cox's Bazar, Himchari or Inani. And astonishment. He has nothing here.

During the fall, fishing trawlers drag the shore, fishing with fishermen's nets,  only the ocean and its blue drifting roar.

How to go

When the Marine Drive from Cox's Bazar gets straight by a couple of hours, it will be found in Shamlapur or Baharchara beach.

You can also go from Teknaf. Shamlapur is 20km from Teknaf to Hoykong Road. For Hoykkong Road for adventure favorites, the road to Shamlapur will be very enjoyable. For that, you will have to ride the Teknaf bus on Teknaf Road to the Hoykkong Road. Then there will be the dhmadhamiya shamlapur beach be left. CNG powered auto rickshaw or battery operated auto vehicle is the only reliance from Hoykkong Road to Shamlapur.

Where to eat

There is no arrangement for eating at Shamlapur. Cox's Bazar or Inani is the only hope. However, some small markets and shops can be seen in the current route. There is a need that can be done.

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