Baliati Jomidar Bari, Manikganj

Baliati Zamidar Bari, Manikganj

Baliyati zamindar house is approximately 8 kilometers west of Manikganj district sadar of Bangladesh and 35 kilometers away from Dhaka district headquarter located in Baliyati village of Saturia upazila. This zamindar house is located with seven establishments.

Traditions are standing on the chest as a witness to the present. Not all the buildings in the Zamindar house or palace were built together at this Baliyati. Various buildings in this palace were established at different times by different succession of zamindar families.

Now the central block is the museum. This palace is preserved and managed by the Bangladesh Archaeological Department. The origins of the Balati zamindar dynasty later from a lowly Saha family.

Tourist places

Baliati Jamidar Palace has a beautiful building with beautiful decoration. The huge huge building reminds the zamindars of the zamindars during the reign of junkers. Storm-storm, ignorance of rain and rain, still survive as a witness. When the lion of the zamindar house enters the door, it will be seen in the wide courtyard. There are four multi-storied buildings in the same line. There are zamindars in the middle and there are some ponds.

The museum has now been established in the house of Rang Mahal, named after the zamindarbari. The entire landlord complex is surrounded by high walls. Each room in the 200 rooms of the ancient heritage palace has the unique artwork of ancient art. The palace complex consists of seven buildings spread over 16 thousand 554 square meters of land.

Each building is built in the nineteenth century. Two statues of lion lions on the two sides of the entrance door of the zamindarari are statuettes. After that, the wide courtyard will be seen in front. Currently it is a flower garden. The back pond in the indoor chamber There are loungers on one side of the pond.

There are four Shan paved aesthetic ghat around the pond. Each wall of the house is 20 inches thick. Chun-Suraki and powerful clay have been used instead of cement. Iron rod has been used instead of iron rod. There are iron stairs inside. It is believed that the four front palaces were used for business purposes. The Gobind Ram family lived in the upper house.

Baliyati palace

Baliati Palace is one of the architectural aspects of the palace. The vast palace consists of five distinct blocks. Among which there are two blocks of four blocks, one double-decked building and a stretched triangular building with one block on the east. In the back of the palace, The north-side building is made of wood craftsmanship. High walls around the vast palace. Each semi-circular arched shaped lion carries the engraving dictation.


The traditions of the zamindarbari centers around the business. And it is believed that this reservoir was a huge shell of salt. Because the zamindars were devout and worshiped in the house of the house worship was worshiped. Liberation was waged in the war of independence.

Poschim Bari:

The location of the house in the west part of the land-house of the landlord is known as the Western house. In 1884 Zamindar Kishoreilal Roy Chowdhury, the zamindar's successor, founded the famous Jagannath College.

Purbo Bari:

The house was named after the house of East Baliati in the eastern part of Baliati. The first landlord of the house is the son of Chandra Chan. He married two. The donation to the wife of the wife of the first wife and the wife of the wife of the second wife was given to six parts. The ten-ani zamindar house is currently only a tourist spot. There are four large houses from west to east. These are known as Big Faraf, Mango Taraf, Naya Taraf and Chhota Taraf. Six ani zamindar house is not present.

When the zamindar house of Baliati is open / closed

Baliyati zamindar house is closed on full day and Monday half day on Sunday. Other public holidays are also closed. Every day, 9am to 5pm are kept open for visitors.

Cost / Ticket Price:

In order to enter the house of Baliyati, the ticket price of the public is 20 taka. This price is only for native visitors. But foreign visitors came to visit this famous landlady. Their tickets were priced at Tk 200.

How to go

On the bus left for Gabtoli, Paturia, Aricha or Manikganj in Dhaka, 8 km before Manikganj will have to go downstream to Saturia. Rent is Tk 35-40 And if you want to go to Manikganj, you can go on a bus to Shivaljatra, Pallieseva, Shuktara etc. In this case, the rent will be worth Tk 20. The location of the landlady house is 12 km away from Saturia bus stop. From Saturia to Puktiyagami road to Saturia's junior points. It is just a kilometer away from Baliyati landlord house.

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