Jadipai Jhorna, Waterfall, Bandarban [Travel Guide]

Jadipai Jhorna, Waterfall, Bandarban, Credit: Sabbir Hasan

Jadipai Para, the tallest village in Bangladesh, has passed a narrow path due to passing. If you look at Jadipai para above Pasingpara, it would seem like a small village where the sleeping greens are sleeping. The path is so steep that it is really difficult to walk in some areas. 30/40 minutes on this route Jatipai Hathley laid Basht's gate in front of Jadipai Para. It is necessary to take two sticks in order to keep your eigh in the two hands again. You will reach Jaddai Pahara for more than 30 minutes, you will reach Jadipai Falls. However, since Jaidipai is not much danger, the path is far more dangerous, but the adjacent part of the fountain is very dangerous slippery and steep.

Jadeipai waterfall is the name of this beautiful fountain of sweet honey, which is a stone stepping stone. High hills and greens on four sides. Clean quietness In the middle of the mountains, the stream of clear water is falling down the stone. Jadipai fountain distance from Kekrudong hill of Bandarban (Bandarban) is approximately one and a half kilometers. Locals said that the three hill hymns (sweepstakes) combined together in the Kekrodang, Jangshia and Jadipai were created due to jadipai springs. About 200 feet above the level of transparent water coming down black stone. The fountain was later mixed with the Sangu River.

When will you go

The real beauty of Jadipai Jharna was during the monsoon.

How to go

First you have to go to Bandarban town. Many transport companies leave the bus to Bandarban every day from various places in Dhaka. You can go to Bandarban riding on one of the buses such as Shyamoli, Hanif, Unique, S Alam, Dolphin. They leave for Bandarban at Kalabagan, Sayedabad or Fakirapul at 10pm or around 11:30 pm. Rs. 550 per house for non AC bus AC 950 Taka

Chittagong can go to Bandarban. Pudali and Purbani Paribahan buses from Baddharhat to Bandarban are settled. These buses are priced at Tk 220 per person.

Now you have to go from Chandpur to Bandarban. From Ruma to the boat will be to Ruma Bazar, it takes about an hour to boats. There are some hotels to stay in the Ruma market, but should go to Bagalak within the day, Ruma Bazar must reach around 4pm, after 4pm the army and the new Chan's car do not allow to go to Baga Lake. Chandra's car from Ruma Bazar takes 4 hours to Bagha Lake.

From Bandaraban to Ruma Upazila Sadar, the cost will be 80/100 rupees per person, or rented a full jeep, from 2200-2500 / - and from Ruma to Bagalek, if you rent 80-100 / - or the entire jeep, then 2200-2500 / -.

Walking from the lake, the Kekrodung, then passing through the passing, walking from the passing paddle to Jadipai Falls.

Where to stay

Residential House Reservation at Boga Lake - This number can be contacted (Laram Bam-01552376551). However, because of network deficiency, it can not be connected to Nambi for most of the time. Here a modern rest house of Hill Development Board is under construction. Within a few days, there will be an opportunity for night to be there.

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