Jhitka Shorisha Bagan, Mustard Flower Garden, Manikganj [Travel Guide]

Jhitka Shorisha Bagan, Mustard Flower Garden, Manikganj

In the adjoining district of Manikganj, a sprawling horizon spreads over a sprawling ground in the canal. On either side, standing in the middle of the yellow-colored fields is the date-palette tree. At present, honey bears sit in some places in the mustard farms to collect honey. Calling yellow avaar from the full moon hour. The gray desert in the fog, also the combination of the yellow ore. It seems like the yellow on the prince of fairyland. Everybody is present to give the yellow yellow The presence of butterflies, bees, haludia-neelaranga birds, insects from state to state. Everyone huddles on the yellow balls Apart from this, if zinta is reached early in the morning, it will be necessary to pay more for the date palm juice collected from the tree. In these places before the sun rises, the plants drop the juice.

When to get the mustard flower

In the month of December-January, the mustard flower is more than enough and the best time to visit this mustard field is very morning or afternoon.

How to go
Traveling from Gulistan to Gulistan and transporting BRTC, Dhaka from Babu Bazar, Old Dhaka, Jabil and Shuktara, from Gabtali to Jatir Seva, Padma line, Navinharan, Village line and Janesba Paribahan to go to Manikganj first. Rent 50-60 taka BRTC will pay 90 taka and it will cost Tk 80. From there, the bus was flown on the local bus, it was found all day long. Rent 30 Taka It is a good place to take your own car for a comfortable ride in this place. Those who do not have the system can rent a microbus or another car. After carrying their own cars, crossing Manikganj on Dhaka-Aricha road and crossing the bridge, the road on the left had gone away.

Where to stay
The bus will be set where the hotel next to the Nabin cinema hall Room rent for two seats is 150-200 taka. There are also some other hotels in the Town Hall.

Some useful information

If you drink the juice of date palm, you will go to Jhitka and take rickshaw from there to Shamim Hazari's house. On the other hand, you can get a lot of juice in the morning and see the juice from them. There is no need to take any number of dates for date palm. In this case, every kilogram will cost 700 taka. Besides, there is a fairly good molasses in the market at Tk 120-350.

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