Mawa Ferry Ghat, Dhaka, Munshiganj [Travel Guide]

Mawa Ferry Ghat, Dhaka, Munshiganj, Credi: AT Oniii

Throughout the ages, the demand for Hilsa of Mawa Ghat is everywhere. Food researchers came to eat hilsa from different parts of the country. In order to meet this huge demand, small and big hotels have developed on the banks of Mawa Ghat. There are huge shops of other products, including seasonal fruits. There is also the fragmented fish market. The fish market is sold in small and big fish with fresh hilsa of Padma river. Demand is widespread.

Due to being very close to Dhaka, one day you can visit the Padma Ghat and sit at the Padma Ghat at noon and roast the hot rice with the roasted hilsa and roast the meal. If you want, you can go beyond the speedboat. There are also some good food hotels. After the evening you can return to the ferry. The Padma of the ferry will be of no use for the night.

From afternoon till evening till the evening there will be sun silver flicker in the river. In the gentle breeze, the water flows into small water in small water. Moderate and boats are rare as fluttering in Padma and boats are rare. From here there are launches and speed-boats to go beyond. Ferries can also be crossing. Speed boats take 20 to 25 minutes to go from above; Rent 150 taka Those who do not know who is a little funky and do not swim, their speedboats are not good to climb. This fast-speed speedboat jumps on the chest of the Padma many times, which is exciting and fun, but if you are afraid, it is better not to get up. It takes a little longer time to cross the launch, the nature of the surroundings is also seen more. Rent 30 taka (local) and 40 taka (direct).
Mawa Ferry Ghat, Dhaka, Munshiganj, Credit: AT Oniii

If you want to buy fresh fish from fishermen, you should leave at least one morning for Mawa to reach Mawa in the morning and 9 in the morning. And if you are going to eat Hilsa, it will be foolish if you do not see the madness of the river on the banks of river Padma. The best plan will be for that, from Mawa Ghat, John can go to the auto rickshaw in Lohazong for 25 taka per person. Take a full auto rickshaw by taking 150 / = money. Padma Resort will go from there to the boat. The resort will be seen and the boat will be traveling and it will be. If you wish, there is accommodation for the day or night, at the resort. If you do not want to stay, you will be able to visit the whole resort only if you give only 50 taka.


Commutes (70 + 20) * 2 = 180 Taka Hilsa grilled rice is 100 taka Total = 280

Way to Mawa Ghat:

The bus from Gulistan or Jatrabari will go to Mawa Ghat in the morning. Rent 70 / - BRTC / Hilsa Transport. Mirpur 10, Farmgate, Shahbag can go from independent transport at. You can get BRCTC from Gulistan. Hours can take a little more time to reach the Ghat. If you want Padma can launch, ferry or speedboat. The rent will be 35/20/150 taka respectively. It may take 2 hours, 1:30 hours or 30 minutes respectively.

Where to eat

On the Padma, you can eat hilsa and hot rice in the hotels at Kawrakandi Ghat. But do not forget to cook rice with hot oil and dry gram flour before the meal. I think Ah Life is Beautiful. Hilsa grilled 70 / - to 90 / - size, rice 10 / - dry gram free The capital of Dhaka will return to the same road and return to the same street.

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