Shapla Gram, Village, Satla, Barisal [Travel Guide]

Shapla Gram, Village, Satla, Barisal, Credit: Saad Ahmed (TOB)

It is like the Shapla kingdom. The leaves of the leaves of the leaves filled with bush filled with billions of thousands of red shapla rates in the sun. A scene 60 kilometers away from Barisal Sadar Upazila can be seen in a visual sight. Drawing on the chest of nature, one nakshi kantha. The beauty of this is a beel of Satla village in Ujirpur upazila of Barisal, which is known to the locals as Shapler Bill.

Thorns and weeds, thousands of billions of billas, pedestrians on the eye. The inside of the bill, the increase in redness is increasing. It is like a Shapla kingdom. From right to the bill, Shapla has begun to grow, it is not right information. However, it is known from the local elderly that since they were born, they were seen in such a way that they were boiled. In A bill, three kinds of shapla are born. Red, white and purple However, red shaplai more. Shapla is cultivated throughout the whole village.

About 10 thousand acres of this village, called Satlah, are planted in the wetlands of the waterlilly. 70% of village residents are involved in marketing and marketing of Shapla. Shapla is supplied from this village to different places of the country. Ideal for taking photographs is a village square.

when will you go
Shapala is about 9 months. From March to November, the whole season of Shapla is here. So during this time you will see Shapala. If you want to see Shapala, you will have to go in the morning, because after 8 o'clock, the flowers are reduced to buzz or the Shapala hunters pick up the shapla and go to the market to sell. So it is best to stay in the village at night.

How to go to Sathla
Barisal on the bus or by road

By road you can reach Barisal from Dhaka to 6 to 8 hours. Every bus has left Barisal from Gabtali Bus Terminal for 6 to 10pm every day. Most of the buses cross the Paturia Ghat to Barisal and some buses cross the Mawa Ghat to Barisal. Buses coming from Dhaka stop at Barisal's bunker bus stand.

Buses from Dhaka to Barisal are among the buses

Shakura Transport, Phone: 01190658772, 01772556677
Eagle Transport, Phone: 0-9006700
Hanif Transport, Phone: 01713049559

Bus rental

AC bus rental: 700 / -
Rent of non AC bus: 500 / -
Local bus fares: Tk 250 to Tk 300 / -

Barisal by sea route or launch

Barisal launches from Dhaka depart from Sadar Ghat between 8am and 9pm. Of these, beautiful forests 7/8, Survi 8, Parabat 11, Kirtankhola 1/2 launches are good. The launch reached Barisal at around 5am.

Launch Rentals

Deck rental is 150 taka, double cabin 1600, VIP 4500.

Barisal to Satla

Answer: It is possible to go to different places. Shotpur on the bus from Barisal on the launch. Then the auto sat in the autoa. When buses from Dhaka can go from Ottawa to Ujirpur, from there to Ottawa. Or from Barisal Nathulbad bus stand, there is direct bus service in Satla-Baghdad village. It takes about 2 hours. You can also go in the car with the Mahindra car.

Where to stay
Must stay in the school room or in a house-to-house Hospitable people will be happy in it. Besides, you can return to Barisal. There are several residential hotels to stay in Barisal.

Hotel Paradise to International, Phone: + 88-01717072686, + 88-01724853590
Hotel Grand Plaza, Phone: + 88-01711357318, + 88-01917458088
Hotel Athena International, Phone: + 88-0431-65109, + 88-0431-6523
Hotel Hawk International, Phone: + 88-01718587698

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