Anarosher Haat, Pineapple Bazaar, Jolchatra, Modhupur, Tangail [Travel Guide]

Anarosher Haat, Pinapple Bazaar, Tangail

A whole lot of pineapple is cultivated throughout Madhupur. Paddy cultivation is the most cultivated pineapple in Arunkhola, sixteen, and Aushnara union of Madhupur. The most popular pineapple is the Pendants, which is cultivated in these areas. Besides, the farmers of this area have also started cultivating giant pineapple in the present time. Before looking at the pineapple gardens, anarosh haat will be seen. The name of the largest hats in this area is Jalkhotra. In the high season, the hat reached 25 miles from the other side and the police reached the outpost.

On seven mornings, Saragaram is known as the Jalschhari Hat of Madhupur Anaras Hat. In the morning, a group of hats were present in the jalachter market. Somebody hanging on the bicycle, someone is in the carriage of horses, someone is pushing a pick-up van in the pants - the pineapple is coming up. Panoramic pineapple is coming out of cycles by 25 miles, Pneumides are coming from horses in Arunakhola. Taking a pineapple from the six wheels on the two sides of the bicycle, dragging the bike. The mercenaries gathered from far and wide surrounded the street with the help of two feet of vendors. If it is possible to buy it at a low price, it is hoped. Hats from the villages and villages of Shalbanshgee, in Shalbanshanges, in the carriage of horse carts and rickshaw-van, 'Rase Teethumbu treepacana' pineapple flows in the jalakshatra haat. The buyer comes from different areas of the country to buy pineapple. At 8am, there is a full hat on cane. The pineapple piled up here. The faraway sellers are picking up and picking them up.

Pineapple season at the end of sourcing from the second week of natural Ashar. However, small pineapple is available in the market all year round. Garo Bazar, Madhupur Bazar and 25 mile market pineapple are sold in the market, but on the other side of the highway on the Dhaka highway is the biggest hanger pineapple. Besides, lots of bananas are available throughout the year. Seasonal crops like sugarcane, jackfruit, mango, olive, and kamarangao.

The market can end to the pineapple garden. Here only pineapple garden in Madhupur Shalban adjoining villages. At this time, the abundance of pineapple paddy in the gardens has increased. These pineapples of eye-loving beauty will be good to visit in the garden.

When will the pineapple market?
The pineapple full season from the second week of nights, from the second week of the ashram. Every week on Friday and Tuesday the hat is sitting on the water pond of Madhupur.

How to go

The only way to go from Dhaka to Madhupur is the road. Madhupur bus from the Mohakhali Bus Station of Dhaka is also the bus of exchange and goodwill transport. Apart from Mohakhali, any bus can come from Tangail and come from Madhupur easily. Auto rickshaw from Madhupur Sadar has to be rented Jalachtera market.

Where to stay

Every day, it can be visited from the pineapple hood of Madhupur. However, if you want to spend the night in Madhupur, then you can stay in the residential Hotel Hall - Hotel Aditya, Hotel Beach, Hotel Dream Touch etc. in Madhupur Upazila Sadar. There are rooms in these hotels, from 200 to 800 rupees. Besides, the good place to stay near Madhupur is Dhanbari Nawab Palace Bungalow.

Besides, if you can stay in a secluded seafront with prejudices, your journey will be complete. Apart from the water, the Mahua, Bakul, Chuniya cottage, and the National Forest Conservator (North 01914517266) or Tangail Divisional Forest Office (0921-63524) will have to ensure booking by permitting permission to spend the night in the Dokhala forest.

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