Jhulonto Shetu, Hanging Bridge of Rangamati [Complete Travel Guide]

Jhulonto Shetu, Hanging Bridge of Rangamati (Photo: Muhammad Ahsan Nahiyan)

The main attraction of Rangamati city is Hanging Bridge. Generally, no one comes back from Rangamati without seeing this hanging bridge. At the end of the city of Rangamati, 335-feet-long bridge in Kaptai Lake is one of the most attractive places for tourists. This bridge is called 'Symbol of Rangamati'. Bannuramam Bahuranga The hanging bridge has been built between two isolated hills in the heartland relationship. The shaking created during the crossing of the bridge will bring you different light. Here you can see the beautiful scenery of Kaptai Lake. You have to be fascinated by the beauty of Kaptai lake. Adivasi village is situated on the other side. If you wish, you will see the decadent growth of indigenous life.

To see it, the tourism corporation will have to pay five taka. There are also many time consuming materials. There are auditoriums, parks, picnic spots, speed boats and domestic boats.

When will you visit
The winter season is the best time to visit Rangamati in the hill and forest town. During the rainy season, the bridge was submerged under water.

How to Hang Hanging Bridge
Direct bus services are available from Dhaka and Rangamati from different places of the country. Several buses left Dhaka for the purpose of Rangamati. Greenline daily, Shyamoli, Sayedabad, Kalabagan every day, Alam (Fakirapul Counter, Phone: 02-9331864), Hanif (Sayedabad Counter, Phone: 011911255048; Gabtali Counter, Phone: 01190806447), Shyamoli (Sayedabad Counter, Phone: 02-7541019; Arambagh Counter, Phone: 02-7193910;
Fakirapul Counter, Phone: 02-933364), leave the unique buses. Rangamati can go directly through these To reach Rangamati takes 7/8 hours.

Chittagong or Chittagong can be transported bus, train or by plane to Chittagong. Rangamati has many busiest and local bus services from Chittagong. It takes only two hours to reach Rangamati directly from Chittagong Oxygen bus without a breakaway bus. S Alam and Pahariya buses leave from Chittagong. Passenger rental is 130 / taka.

Road going straight to the road hanging directly from the road to Rangamati town. There is a parking arrangement for car parking. Those who will come from Dhaka or Chittagong, they will have to hire the Otroixa Reserve at Tawalchari.

Where will Rangamati stay?
It's time to get off from the bus. There are several hotels in the old bus stand and reserve market area in Rangamati. But if you think before going to the hotel, as if the hotel is next to the Kaptai lake? Then you can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and the breeze from the hotel. Rangamati has many private and privately owned hotels and guest houses to stay. Besides, there are some more boards to be found. Bonding costs a little less but it is not very convenient to stay. Here are some of the details of hotels

(1) Tourism Holiday Complex

There are 12 air-conditioned rooms. Pratiti's rent: 1725 taka
There are seven air-conditioned rooms with rentals of Tk 805 each
Contact / Phone: 0351-63126 (Office)

(2) Hotel Sufia

There are 27 air-conditioned rooms. Prune rent: 900 rupees (single), 1250 (dual)
There are 35 air-conditioned rooms with rent of Tk 600 each
Contact / Phone: 0351-62145, 61174, 01553409149

(3) Hotel Green Castle

There are 7 air-conditioned rooms. Rental rent: from 1150 to 1600 taka
There are 16 air-conditioned rooms with rentals ranging from 750 to 1500 taka
Contact / Phone: 0351-7124, 61200, 01726-51153, 01815-459146

There are also several other notable hotels. For example, Hotel Judge, Hotel Mountain View, Hotel Digigni, Hotel Safia, Hotel Dreamland etc.

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